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Learn More About Fire Extinguishers & Fire Safety Through Our Course

You have seen fire extinguishers on the shelves in stores. Are you curious what happens when you press the trigger? How big of a fire will it put out?

If you want to answers to those questions and more, we offer a class on fire safety. We teach how to act and react around fire. You will learn about fire theories and concepts. We will give you the chance to use a live fire extinguisher against our controlled fire pit.

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In Need of a Fall Protection Course?

Can you imagine 60,000 fatal accidents yearly on construction sites globally? According to the International labor organization, that translates to one serious crash every ten minutes.  The organization also adds that in most countries construction workers battle with constant musculoskeletal disorders such as back pains. 

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Our H2S Alive Training Course Will Teach You How to Stay Safe and Alive

Do you work in the gas and oil industry? Then you are at higher risks of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) gas poisoning. You are not safe either if yours is a different field since exposure to sewers and wastewater treatment systems cause similar effects as extraction and processing of both natural gas and crude oil.

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Do You Know How To Properly Inspect Fall Protection Equipment?

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR) requires that you inspect your fall protection gear frequently especially before each use. Also, follow the manufacturer's recommendation on the frequency of inspection. Do you know how to properly inspect fall protection equipment?

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Do Your Workers Need a Fall Protection Course?

Every day, four construction workers lose their lives, often from preventable accidents. Everyone involved needs to play their part in minimizing and eliminating the risk of falling. For employers, one of the best ways to do this is through fall protection training. The