Posted: 1 Sep '21

Help Craft a Fall Protection Plan After Taking a Fall Protection Course

Help Craft a Fall Protection Plan After Taking a Fall Protection Course

Taking a fall protection course can teach you some valuable things. One of these valuable things you can learn is how to create a fall protection plan. When working at heights, safety is everything. It is the responsibility of all employees who work at heights to know how to handle those heights respectfully and adequately. Contact us today to learn more about our fall protection course.

Develop a Fall Protection Plan

When you take a fall protection course, you will learn all of the components to develop a protection plan. A plan is an integral part of working at heights because falling is the most significant risk you take and the most dangerous part of the job.

What is a Fall Protection Plan?

A fall protection course will teach you that a fall protection plan is a safety plan for workers working at heights. The plan includes an analysis of the work area, including potential fall risks, identifying dangers, and developing a plan to minimize risk. Not all fall protection plans are the same and are tailored to each work site.  

Identify if a Plan is Needed

Identifying that a fall protection plan is necessary is the first step. Therefore, anytime you work at heights that pose a potential risk of falling any distance that can incur injury, a fall protection plan is necessary. There are many parts to a properly laid out plan.

A Solid Plan Includes:

  • Information about the worksite includes location, time of work, working it, and who the foreman will be.
  • An assessment of the worksite should be done to identify potential hazards, including skylights, windows, and floor holes.
  • Determine and provide a detailed account of what fall protection gear is required and who will be using them.
  • Provide an outline of who and when all fall protection materials will be erected and taken down and by whom.
  • Address the storage of all tools, whose responsibility it is, and where each piece of equipment will be at any given time.  
  • Any good fall protection plan will include a rescue plan. The most well-thought-out job sites have the potential for an accident, and you need to know what to do if an accident occurs. Include who will handle an emergency and a list of phone numbers that can be called if an emergency happens.
  • Make sure your fall plan includes making sure all employees who will work at heights have taken a fall protection course.

Learn About a Proper Fall Protection Course

Make sure you and your employees are safe when working from heights. If you need to provide a fall protection course for your employees, then contact us. We can help get you established with the right course for the job.

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