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Fall Protection Equipment Inspections Ensure Everyone’s Safety

The general workplace records a total of 100,000 deaths and injuries yearly caused by falls. The fall statistics are rising due to poor or lack of fall protection training. The second reason is the wrong choice and use of equipment for specific tasks, and lastly, failure to properly inspect the fall protection equipment.

We get a lot of questions about rescue standards and how long a rope rescue or high angle rescue course should be.  I will attempt to explain the common practice and due diligence in the following paragraphs. In this blog post, I would just like to clarity some of the confusion around the rope rescue training of onsite workers and tradesmen versus a professional rescue team on site.  

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There Are Many Varieties of Guardrails and Handrails, Which one is Right for You?

Can you differentiate between a handrail and a guardrail? Often the two are used interchangeably. However, a guardrail is a barricade installed at the perimeter of a raised surface such as balconies or walkways. While a handrail is any horizontal or sloping railing especially on escalators or stairways on which you can grasp by the hand.

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Learn More About Fire Extinguishers & Fire Safety Through Our Course

You have seen fire extinguishers on the shelves in stores. Are you curious what happens when you press the trigger? How big of a fire will it put out?

If you want to answers to those questions and more, we offer a class on fire safety. We teach how to act and react around fire. You will learn about fire theories and concepts. We will give you the chance to use a live fire extinguisher against our controlled fire pit.

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In Need of a Fall Protection Course?

Did you know there are 60,000 fatal accidents yearly on construction sites globally? According to the International Labor Organization, that translates to one serious fall every ten minutes. 

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Rope Access Work

This is an overview of some projects we have completed over the last couple of years.

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Do You Know How To Properly Inspect Fall Protection Equipment?

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR) requires that you inspect your fall protection gear frequently especially before each use. Also, follow the manufacturer's recommendation on the frequency of inspection. Do you know how to properly inspect fall protection equipment?

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Do Your Workers Need a Fall Protection Course?

Every day, four construction workers lose their lives, often from preventable accidents. Everyone involved needs to play their part in minimizing and eliminating the risk of falling. For employers, one of the best ways to do this is through fall protection training. The