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Is H2S Awareness the Same as the H2S Alive Training Course?

In your profession, you have probably heard the terms H2S Alive and H2S awareness. However, it is likely that if you are new to the field that you don’t know the difference between the two. Is the H2S Alive training course the same as an H2S awareness course?

Everything You Need to Know Before Taking a Fall Protection Course

A fall protection course is a beneficial course for any workers that will be working at heights. If you wonder if a fall protection course is the right course of action for you and your team, you want to get all the facts before proceeding. Fall protection training is designed to help eliminate workplace hazards.

Who Should Take the H2S Alive Training Course?

The H2S Alive training course is mandatory for many occupations. Most of the occupations that need belong to the gas, oil, and drilling industries, as well as the exploration, maintenance, and processing of heavy oil sands. 

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