Posted: 1 Aug '23

How Onsite Safety Training Courses Reduce Workplace Injuries

How Onsite Safety Training Courses Reduce Workplace Injuries

As the old saying goes, "prevention is better than cure," and that couldn't be truer when it comes to workplace accidents. There's no better way to prevent workplace accidents and injuries than by providing an onsite safety training course. Nonetheless, that's something that only some organizations prioritize. Call us today to book group safety training!

What is an Onsite Safety Training Course?

Onsite safety training courses are designed to enlighten employees on workplace safety practices. In doing so, they become better equipped to prevent accidents while undertaking their duties. In addition, these programs incorporate specific instructions and guidelines on pinpointing, reporting, and managing workplace hazards, besides including record-keeping for audit purposes.

How Can Onsite Safety Training Lower Workplace Injuries?

Here are three ways onsite safety training courses can reduce injuries at your workplace:

1. Enhanced Safety

Most workplace accidents and injuries result from employees lacking the skills and knowledge to pinpoint and avoid workplace hazards. Onsite safety training courses decrease the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. If an accident occurs, your employees will know how to minimize the fallout.

2. Safety-First Workplace Culture

An effective onsite safety training course is critical in helping you create and implement procedures and policies for promoting a safe workplace. It's easier to create a safety-first workplace culture if employees are educated on what's expected of them regarding workplace safety. Ultimately, accidents and injuries will reduce.

For instance, providing health and safety training ensures your crews use the correct tools while undertaking their duties if you're in the construction business. Moreover, they'll be more vigilant and use the tools correctly, thus minimizing the risk of accidents. The same cannot be said of workplaces where employees are left to their devices without safety training.

3. Ongoing Compliance

Whenever onsite safety training courses get mentioned, workplace accidents come to mind. However, the benefits of occupational health and safety training extend beyond keeping your workplace safe—it also contributes to your organization's ongoing compliance. Therefore, each organization needs to have its internal safety policies while also maintaining compliance with regulations stipulated by governing bodies.

When an employee gets injured, and you didn't provide safety training in the first place, your organization becomes accountable and liable for the injury and related losses. This puts a significant financial burden on the organization since it must compensate the injured worker as required by law. 

Most health and safety regulations require your organization to undertake regular safety training. In doing so, you keep your team safe and safeguard your organization's reputation.

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Why Safety Training Should Be an Ongoing Exercise

The primary objective of an onsite safety training course is to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. However, the training sessions shouldn't be a one-off affair because new workplace risks emerge daily. For this reason, a safety audit should be performed regularly to ensure that the knowledge gained gets implemented and that your employees stay apprised of the latest safety standards and regulations.

Furthermore, it's best to remember that safety training alone won't eliminate the risk of workplace injuries. The onsite safety training courses only equip your workforce with the requisite knowledge and skills in workplace prevention. Employees must also apply common sense and follow the guidelines provided during the safety training sessions.

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Ready to Make Your Workplace Safe?

Occupational safety is critical to any modern workplace, and there's no better way to ensure that than by providing onsite safety training courses. Equipping your team with the skills and knowledge required to stay safe at the workplace could be the difference between business success and failure.

If you're ready to implement onsite safety training courses at your workplace, the experts at MI Rescue & Safety Training can help. We are based in Edmonton but serve all of Western Canada, and pride ourselves on offering competitively priced and hands-on safety training.

Whether you want your team to learn about high-angle rescue, fall protection, specialized telecom safety, and confined space safety, we're the team you can count on. Contact us to inquire about our courses and begin your journey to workplace health and safety.

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