Wind Turbine Fall Protection and Rescue Training Course

Wind Turbine Fall Protection and Rescue Training Course

What is Wind Turbine Fall Protection and Fall Rescue Training?  

This 26 hour course is designed with the unique environment of a wind farm in mind. Hazards from wind turbine work include, falling, confined spaces, limited help in a rescue and remote work. With these in mind we created this training from best practices for safety training.

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What will I learn in Wind Turbine Fall Protection & Rescue Training?

The 26 hour training consists of three components:

  • 10 Hour Fall Protection Training course 6 theory/4 practical
  • 2 Hour Confined Space Awareness Training
  • 14 Hours of Fall Rescue Training

Fall Protection elements:

  • Fall Protection Theory, Definitions and Elements
  • Anchors definitions, Types, Limitations and Inspections
  • Connectors‐Lanyard, SA, VLL and HLL
  • Harnesses Types, Usage Inspection and Hazards
  • Fall Protection System Set up and Planning
  • Other Fall Protection Solutions
  • Inspections, care and Maintenance
  • Practical Fall Protec􀆟on Drills, Set up and Climbing

Confined Space Awareness elements:

  • Definition of a Confined Space
  • Confined Space Identification in a Wind Turbine
  • Confined Space Hazards
  • Gas Detection
  • Confined Space Planning

Fall Rescue Training elements:

  • Fall Rescue Theory
  • Fall Rescue Equipment
  • Lifting and Lowering Systems
  • Typical Rescue Systems in a Wind Turbine
  • Rescue Drills (ladder rescue, tower basement, tower deck, rescue in the nacelle, from the hub, nacelle escape).

We come to you!

The training is typically done on your site. The program is designed for both operations and construction workers, as well as repair technician's who work on wind turbines. We can customize to your needs or offer this course as a recertification. We will travel throughout Europe, Canada and the USA for this training. Contact us about this training.

Canadian Society of Engineering Safety Alberta Construction Safety Association Canadian Safety Standards Training Alliance