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Guardrail Systems for fall protection
Guardrail Systems

Guardrail Systems for Fall Protection

We design, install, rent, sell and service all types of guardrails.  Whether you need a ballast mount, or fastener mount we have them in stock and ready to go.  Friction Ballast Mounts are available with either 4', 6', 8' or 10' guardrail panels, and also our Kee Clamp style Modular Guardrails.  If neither of those work we also fabricate guardrails to specification.  Fastener Mounts are available with lag bolts for vertical wood mount (such as a modular work shack, standing seam roof mount, dirt mount (screw in anchors), and bolt on.  Whatever your structure, we likely have a mounting system.

Guardrails and handrails are a highly reliable system for fall protection since they provide workers with protection from a fall off of an edge, which prevents the fall before it can occur. Handrails are intended to be utilized in cases where there is a slope or need for a horizontal rail for individuals to grab onto for support or guidance. A guard rail is a building component located near an edge of an elevated work or walking surface that blocks or protects against an accidental fall to a lower level.

We install guardrails for commercial and industrial applications, however, we have also provided solutions for excavations, water treatment plants, residential areas, retaining walls, man holes, sky lights, and roof top walk ways.

Guardrail Types, Installation and Legislation

Guardrails and handrails are the preferred option to protect workers from falling. The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code Part 9 requires worksites to first evaluate these as an option but if the use of a guardrail is not possible, then a fall arrest system may be used instead. Guardrails are a better choice, since they act as they are a passive fall protection system, which means that they do not rely on the workers to have a harness and lanyard or to correctly put the harness on and to ensure that they are correctly connected.

Portable handrails are great solutions when protection is needed in an environment containing flammables or any location where welding is not feasible, such as on the roof of a high rise. Installation of Kee Safety and Capital Safety guardrails does not require hot work and can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to a welded solution. Base plates are available that bolt on, weld on, and even as a friction mount. The systems can be installed quickly and easily by most workers and there is no need for a welder to build the guardrail.

Guardrail Applications and Roof Top Fall Protection

Architectural Guardrails - Do you need guardrail in a location that is highly visible, and you need them to be ascetic or hidden? We can design a system that looks great. We have designed guardrails that complement the architecture of the building, sometimes this is a decorative parapet, or a guardrail with architectural features.

Standard Safety Guardrails - Functional Guardrails are one of our most common installations. These consist of a top, mid-rail, and optional kick plate. These can be mounted to concrete, a steel frame structure, or even wood. We work together with a roofing contractor to ensure that any roof penetrations are properly sealed.

Custom Guardrail - Does your application require a custom build guardrail solution? No problem, we can do that. Recently we retrofitted a fuel storage tank for a municipality. The tank had old guardrails that did not meet the Occupational Health and Safety Code requirements. The size and length had to be custom built to fit on the top of the tank, into the existing post pockets. We built these to suit.

Security Guardrails - Do you need a guard to protect roof top workers or to keep trespassers off of your elevated work location or roof? We have designed chain-link fence systems that function to do both!

Friction Guardrails - Friction mounted guardrails are commonly installed on roofs to protect workers who are accessing HVAC systems. Friction Rails are cost effective and are typically combined with a controls zone to increase coverage and decrease cost. Friction guardrails can be installed on most roof and material types, including: standard commercial flat roofs, standing seam metal roofs, corrugated roofs, concrete roofs, asphalt roofs, pea gravel roofs, and rubber membrane roofing.

The Capital Safety system consists of a weight plate that is placed on the roof and then a prefabricated handrail system is inserted into pockets in the weight plate. The Capital Safety Guardrail is very similar to the Safety Rail 2000 System. The second style is the Kee Guard System. This consists of cantilevered counter weights, attached to vertical posts and horizontal rails. They are connected with a friction connection and use 90 degree connectors, single socket tee’s, base flanges, and are held securely together with Allan Bolt connectors.

Combination Guardrails with Control Zones

Work completed within 2 meters or 6.6 feet of an edge requires a guardrail or a fall protection system. Guardrails are the most reliable solution. Although they have the greatest upfront cost, the long term cost is the lowest. The work location of many roofs is often more than 2m/ 6.6’ from an edge and as such a control zone is the most cost effective solution to protect the roof.

Control Zones

Control zones are a cost effective solution for work on level elevated work areas that takes place further then 2 meters or 6.6 feet from an edge. We have installed these in long term and temporary situations. Controls zones consist of vertical stanchions connected by cables, ropes or chain. The cable, rope, or chain must have a five hundred pound tensile strength and be located between 34” and 42” of the working or walking surface. The control zone has to be marked with highly visible material or flagging every 6.5 feet or 2 meters.

We can make the flagging removable for architectural reasons.

Roof Top Deck Installation

We have turned seemingly useless roof top surfaces into extra, functional, and valuable space. Companies have used the extra space created by installing a guardrail on a roof for many purposes, including: coffee and lunch break spaces, smoking areas, etc.

Cost to Install Guardrail

The typical or average cost to install guardrail is $89 per lineal foot for most roof applications. In certain cases the cost can be as low as $49/ foot but this depends on what the guardrail is being attached to. For example, if the guardrail is on a roof and structural members need to be exposed or attached to, then the roof needs to be re-sealed, this adds to the price. In situations such as this, we would do a custom quote to evaluate your unique needs. Roof top friction guardrails can almost always be installed for $89/ lineal foot.

MI Safety Rescue & Safety Training. is available to come to your site and perform an evaluation for you and provide a quote. We service all of Alberta, including: Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Red Deer, and area.



Past Projects

Alberta Municipality had a fuel tank that didn't have guardrails that were in compliance with the Alberta OHS Code. MI Safety Inc, removed old rails and fabricated and installed new rails.

Commercial Building Operator needed a retrofit of a staircase access on their building to replace a ladder that was deemed unsafe for access. It was not feasible to build the staircase in a shop and lift it onto the roof, so we constructed a modular staircase that we assembled on the roof.

A Northern Alberta Saw Mill Required a section of guardrail to add onto the existing rail we had installed several years earlier. We were able to spec and supply parts based on photos. This saved the customer money as we didn't have to travel to site, before the job to measure up the area.

This building owner had a ladder that extended only to the roof level. It was extremely difficult to access the roof, and even more dangerous. MI Safety Inc was contracted to design, build and install a ladder cage, and a guardrail to protect access to and from this area.

This northern Alberta Camp Operator wanted to install a guardrail as per section 139 of the Alberta OHS code to protection workers accessing this work area on a regular basis. MI Safety designed and installed a guardrail system that attached to the wall as roof attachment was not an option.

This research facility wanted to protect commonly access work areas with an easily moveable guardrail system that would be able to be moved around on the building roof as projects dictated. MI Safety Inc was able to supply and coordinate the delivery to the roof of 450 lineal feet of railing.

This municipal waste facility turns garbage into compost material and ethanol. They had to install high pressure gas piping on the roof of their facility to allow connection to a material dryer system. They hired MI Safety to rent and install some standing seam roof fall arrest anchors and some guardrails. Upon completion of the project we removed the equipment from site.

This laboratory facility has a large office complex with an extensive array of hvac and roof top vents and data communication equipment on it. They needed a quick solution that didn't penetrate the roof to protect workers completing HVAC work. MI Safety Inc was able to design, and install a guardrail and control zone system to protect the common work areas.


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