Confined Space Rescue Training Course

Confined Space Entry and Rescue

What is Confined Space Entry and Rescue Training?

Our Confined Space Rescue training is highly customizable to meet your requirements. This course consists of both classroom learning and a hands-on component. Rescue training is often required for oil and gas, construction, industrial and safety specialists.

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Why is this safety class important?

Confined Space Rescue training is required wherever there is Confined Space Entry work. These spaces are extremely hazardous and not designed for human occupancy. Confined spaces are 150 times more dangerous than regular workplaces.

Harmful substances or processes may exist. Proper planning, training, safe work procedures and safety/rescue equipment are needed in the event of an emergency. Approved Confined Space Entry and Monitor training is a pre-requisite for in-depth Confined Space Rescue training. Our comprehensive training can be covered in 8, 16 or 24 hours - depending on your company's needs.

The course includes theoretical and practical components. Students have the opportunity for hands-on learning, to provide feedback and training is finalized with knowledge testing.

What will I learn in a Confined Space Entry and Rescue Course?

Due to the highly customizable nature of this training we recommend you contact us. This will provide you the opportunity to specify exactly the types of work and challenges you will face and it gives us the opportunity to clarify your needs and make recommendations. This course can cover training for a site specific Confined Space Rescue Team, training in use and rescue using SCBA/SABA, assistance in planning rescues and putting together rescue plans, equipment rentals for a particular scenario and assistance in sourcing affordable rescue gear, if required.

This Confined Space Rescue Training Course will provide students with a 3 year certificate.

Canadian Society of Engineering Safety Alberta Construction Safety Association Canadian Safety Standards Training Alliance