Confined Space Training Course

Confined Space Entry and Rescue

What is Confined Space Entry and Rescue Training?

The Confined Space Entry and Rescue Training Course is a classroom based training course with a hands-on rescue component.

The entry and rescue training is often a required course for oil and gas, construction, and other industry employees.

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Why is this safety class important?

Confined Space Entry training is required is because Confined Space Entry work is extremely hazardous. These spaces are not designed for human occupancy: confined spaces are 150 times more dangerous than regular workplaces.

Additionally, harmful substances or processes may exist. Proper training, safe work procedures, and safety/rescue equipment is needed to ensure workers are protected.

Our comprehensive training is covered in a one-day course. Students gain an understanding of confined space entry, monitor, and rescue techniques.

The course includes theoretical and practical components: Each chapter has opportunities for hands-on learning, student feedback, and knowledge testing.

What will I learn in a Confined Space Entry and Rescue Course?

Theoretical Components of the course include:

  • Definition of a enclosed and confined spaces
  • Confined space hazards
  • Hazard assessment
  • How to complete a confined space entry permit
  • Electronic Monitors, Function testing and Calibration
  • Safety monitor and safety watch
  • Rescue Equipment, rescue training, and ERP Planning

The practical component of our course has the following components:

  • Testing of hazardous atmospheres, using gas detection monitors, Rae and Draeger tube type detector pumps
  • Completion of documents needed for pre‐entry.
  • Mock entry, evacuation and rescue from a confined space
  • Rescue drills from a confined space simulator.

This Confined Space Entry and Rescue Training Course is 8 to 10 hours and students will receive certification that is valid for 3 years.

Canadian Society of Engineering Safety Energy Safety Canada Alberta Construction Safety Association Canadian Safety Standards Training Alliance