GHS and WHMIS Training Course


What is the WHMIS 2015 and GHS Train the Trainer Course?

In 2015, WHMIS in Canada, and around the world is getting a major revamping to align internationally. The United Nations has worked with many countries to create a Globally Harmonized System, also known as “GHS”.

This WHMIS 2015 and GHS or Workplace Hazardous Material Information System Train the Trainer, or WHMIS Instructor course is designed to allow for in house WHMIS and other training courses. When a company's safety representative takes this course, they can then train other employees.

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Why should I take this course?

Each year, approximately one third of Occupational Fatalities are related to long term exposure to harmful chemicals and substances. These are workers who have been exposed to substances over a 10, 20, or 30 year period during their career. Provincial legislation requires that workers have training in the how to understand these risk, through an understanding of Material Safety Data Sheets, and supplier labels. Workers also need to understand the PPE they need to protect themselves.

What will I learn in the WHMIS 2015 and GHS Training?

This course covers:

  • Basic WHMIS and GHS information
  • Legislation for Globally Harmonized Systems and Workplace Hazardous Material Information System
  • Finding online WHMIS resources
  • Evaluating and updating company specific training for your employees.
  • Testing and certifying employees

This course is only $225.00 and includes 15 WHMIS and GHS manuals. Click here to for information or to purchase student manuals.

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