Rope Rescue Standby Services

Rope Rescue Standby Services
Rope Rescue Standby Services

What are Rope Rescue Standby Services?

MI Safety offers Rope Rescue Standby Services when you need those specialized technical skills that aren’t part of your regular staffing. We can also help out on those one off projects where you need a few more people to complete your safety team – whether as a confined space monitor, confined space rescue, high angle rescue, project safety advisor or other similar safety roles.

Our team of technicians boasts a wide background of knowledge from various work environments paired with highly skilled training. This enables us to put together an appropriate plan with your company to best meet your needs. Our technicians have experience with oil and gas, military, construction, civil engineering, farming and geology – which means that we understand the challenges you’ll likely be facing. We’ve paired that experience with training that includes Rope Access, NFPA 1006 Technician and decades of experience in the industry.

MI Safety Can Provide:


  • Three Technician Rescue Teams
  • Two Technician Rescue Teams
  • Hybrid Site Rescue/MI Safety Rescue Technician


  • Standard Rescue Kit with Dual Rope System and 300’ rescue ropes (MPD/Clutch/Maestro)
  • Vortex Tripod Kit
  • Vehicle for Site Access
  • Air moving Equipment
  • SCBA and SABA
  • Additional Specialized Rescue Kit

MI Safety Guideline

Ensuring compliance can be challenging and MI Safety has written and trained safety using the Code as one part of our guideline. This has resulted in our technicians being very well versed in the Code and we can often take that load off your shoulders. If you have a unique project and you’d like some guidance ensuring you’re meeting Part 2: Hazard Assessment, Elimination and Control, Part 5: Confined Spaces, Part 7: Emergency Preparedness and Response, Part 8: Entrances, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders, Part 9: Fall Protection, Part 11: First Aid, Part 12: General Safety Precautions, Part 18: Personal Protective Equipment, Part 26: Ventilation Systems or Part 41: Work Requiring Rope Access we can help.

Rope Access and Confined Space Entry, Monitor and Rescue scenarios can arise in any work setting, whether it’s oil and gas, industrial, forestry, municipal, parks and recreation, etc. If you’re unsure, give us a call or an email and we can help guide you towards the best solution for your company.

MI Safety prides itself on being a “full service/full circle” company. We make ourselves available from the planning stages through to completion and are able to provide the level of services that best meet your needs.




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