Fire Extinguisher Training Course

Fire Extinguisher - Live Fire

What is Fire Extinguisher Training?

This practical fire extinguisher safety training course give students the confidence to safely use portable fire extinguishers. It is ideal for anyone one who may be required to extinguish a fire. 

This course is ideal for oil and gas employees, industrial and construction workers, and anyone who operates vehicles and equipment with on-board fire extinguishers.

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Why is Fire Extinguisher Training Important?

Fires can start quickly and spread rapidly. Fire codes require extinguishers to be located readily around job sites. However, not knowing how to properly operate one can be dangerous.

Our fire extinguisher training course uses a live fire. Many of our competitors only use an electronic simulator. Electronic simulators do not give you an accurate concept of what fighting a fire is like.

To mitigate the environmental hazard, we use baking soda in our training extinguishers.

What will I learn?

The topics covered in this course include:

  1. List the four components of the “fire tetrahedron” and explain how each component contributes to the creation of a fire.
  2. List the four basic methods by which fires may be prevented.
  3. List the four basic methods by which fires may be extinguished.
  4. List the five classes of fire and identify the proper extinguishing agents used to combat each class of fire.
    • Class A fires, ordinary combustibles
    • Class B fires, flammable liquids
    • Class C fires, electrical fires
    • Class D fires, metal fires
    • Class K fires, cooking oil fires
  5. Understand the components of and proper procedures for operating fire extinguishers,
    • Stored pressure extinguishers
    • Stored cartridge operated fire extinguishers
    • PASS, (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Spray side to side)
  6. Discuss first aid treatments for burns
  7. Be able to chose the correct size extinguisher for various sizes of fires.
  8. All students will be given the opportunity to extinguish a live fire using a 20 lb fire extinguisher.

Upon successful completion of a knowledge exam students will be given a fire extinguisher certification card that is valid for 3 years.

Canadian Society of Engineering Safety Alberta Construction Safety Association Canadian Safety Standards Training Alliance