Safety Training Course FAQs

Where are you located?

We are 2km south of Devon on HWY 60 at the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre. 50339 HWY 60 is our physical address.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, Debit, Credit, and your company can apply for an account with us.

Can I get a refund, for any reason?

We have a customer first refund policy. We give you a full refund if you have purchased the wrong course, or the wrong date.

Safety Training Questions

Is your online H2S course equivalent to H2S?

Our online H2S course has all the same information as the H2S course. Many companies are now accepting the online version, and even I CAB (international competency assessment board) has certified the course. If you are a member of unions such as the Alberta Labours Training Trust Fund or CLAC, you can even take the course directly through their online training portal.

What time do your courses run?

Our courses start at 8:00 am, so arrive to register at 7:45 am. Training usually goes until 4:30 pm. You will be given a thirty minute lunch break, around noon.

I lost my safety ticket!

If the course is a Confined Space or Fall Protection, call or email us (780 987 3465 or and we can issue a replacement card for a small fee.

First Aid Training Questions

Does your standard and emergency first aid include CPR?

Yes, CPR is a required component of both Standard and Emergency First Aid.

Is the CPR, Level C CPR?

Yes, we do level C CPR. Level C CPR, simply means that training is included to cover adults, children, and infants. (This is handy, because 80% of the time first aiders use the training on family members and friends.

What is the difference between Standard First Aid and Emergency First Aid, and which do I need for my work?

Emergency First aid deals with immediate life threatening injuries, such as deadly bleeding, shock, and head injuries. Standard First aid includes the emergency first aid knowledge, and also deals with other less serious injuries like bone and muscle injuries, cuts, burns, poisoning, heat exhaustion, and hypothermia. Typically employers require you to take Standard First Aid. If you are uncertain, the best is to either ask your employer or simply take the higher standard.

I lost my first aid ticket!

Call or email us (780-987-3465 or and we can issue a replacement First Aid card for a small fee.

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