Customized Safety Training Tailored To Your Company

Customized Safety Training Tailored To Your Company
Custom Safety Training 

What Safety Training can be customized? 

As an employer you are responsible for ensuring your employees are competent to perform their work. When it comes to safety training – what exactly does this mean? Well – it depends. Often a standard First Aid, H2S, Fall Protection or Confined Space course is sufficient. However, if your employees are regularly working in these types of environments or if the hazards are high when they do, you’ll perhaps want to go more in-depth with their training.

What are the benefits of customized training?

Have you ever sent your employees to a training course and they’ve returned with more questions than increased knowledge and skills? Your money is hard earned and if safety training is mandatory it might as well be effective!

MI Safety strongly believes in practical skills learning and we also believe in applicable learning. By applicable learning we mean training that specifically applies to your work site and how the skills will be used. Whether that’s teaching a variety of confined space rescues if you work in a setting where you’re on the move and encountering different scenarios or taking the time to teach one plan/one rescue as that is what is relevant to your jobsite.

What courses can be customized to a specific jobsite?

The best way to determine if we are able to supply you with a custom course would be to reach out using our Contact button or calling 780-987-3465. This initial contact allows us to get to know your company and your specific needs. We may ask you certain questions to narrow down hazards including frequency and severity, whether you’re satisfied with your current rescue plans or hazard assessments, what you currently are working with and why. This process gives you the opportunity to let us know what is of greatest value to you and it gives us the opportunity to determine a starting off point.

From that point your vision is often your only limit. We can teach a more summarized course if the standard training has a lot of material that isn’t’ relevant to your jobsite. We can teach an expanded course that provides more detail than a standard course and our favorite – we can provide a course that has as much practical as you wish. Employees really value this type of training. They recognize the value and they are more involved because of it. Employers value the results as their training dollars are producing workers that require less on-the-job training but are more competent.

A custom course can be any course that is put on specifically for your company and is only open to your employees. Sometimes, the standard training material is most applicable but having the training open to your employees only can have a lot of value. Whether training is at our Devon location or on-site at your location, we can work with you.

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