Standard CPR & First Aid
Safety Training Course

Standard First Aid and CPR Training

What is a Standard First Aid and CPR training course?

Standard first aid and CPR is both the most common and comprehensive level of training that the majority of participants register for. The course is two days long, and covers all aspects of first aid. The next higher level of training beyond this, is the EMR course, which is the basic level of training for ambulance attendants.

Our Standard First Aid and CPR Classroom Training Course is offered each week. Upon successful completion of the classroom theory and practical portions, as well as a test, you will receive a certification card, that is valid for three years.

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Offered at your worksite or our Leduc #1 Location in Devon



Why is First Aid training important?

First Aid & CPR training is mandatory for employees in occupational settings. Most companies require a certain percentage of workers to be trained, however most companies just train all workers for due diligence purposes. Although most people take training as a work requirement, 81% of the time, they administer first aid on a loved one, saving their life.

What will I learn in this safety class?

Our training course has a combination of hands on learning and theory. You get a full color illustrated manual to keep.

The following topics are covered:

  • Preparing to respond and barriers to Action
  • Disease Prevention, and personal protective equipment
  • Emergency Scene Management
  • First Aid ABC's
  • CPR and AED's
  • Breathing and Cardiac Emergencies
  • Primary and Secondary Survey
  • Head and Spine Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Bone Injuries
  • First second and third degree burns
  • Inhaled, injected, ingested and absorbed Poisons

You are the first section of the “Chain of life”. It is important that deadly breathing and breathing emergencies receive the appropriate first aid and CPR with in moments to ensure survival. Standard First Aid training will ensure you have the knowledge to save a life.

Regular hours MONDAY–FRIDAY
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