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Preventing Fatalities Through Fall Protection Anchor Inspections

Preventing Fatalities Through Fall Protection Anchor Inspections

When working at elevated job sites, each piece of equipment in a fall protection system should be inspected regularly to ensure it's robustly anchored. With falls accounting for over 30% of all construction and manufacturing fatalities, fall protection anchor inspections cannot be understated. 

Fall protection anchoring should be done constantly to ensure safety. In this regard, all anchor points should regularly be inspected, tested, and replaced as needed. Furthermore, workers should be trained to use and maintain anchor points and connecting systems. Call us today to book your annual fall protection anchor inspection.

Critical Considerations During Fall Protection Anchor Inspections

Here's what you should keep in mind when undertaking a fall protection anchor inspection

Anchor Points Are the Foundation of a Fall Protection System

The fall protection system is based on the anchor points, where the assessments should focus. Remember that anchor points aren't created equal, and you need one that can support more than 5,000 pounds per person harnessed to it. 

Thus, the anchor points should be made of solid, durable materials that can withstand falls. So, during the inspection, ensure that the fall protection system can avert severe injuries when fall accidents happen. 

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Focus on the Placement

Multiple areas in the job site should be accessible, making positioning fall prevention anchors crucial. During the fall protection anchor inspection, check its placement to ensure it's correctly positioned before use. Moreover, it's best practice to ensure the anchor is placed more than six feet from the job site's edge to minimize fall exposure. 

Check the Connections

Fall protection systems often have complex connection subsystems, which must be thoroughly inspected for errors that might be catastrophic. For instance, when working on a rooftop, the lanyard shouldn't extend over the side of the building or the roof edge. Similarly, a fall protection anchor should be on each side for safe and convenient access. 

Check the Anchors' Condition

Fall protection anchors tend to deteriorate over time, compromising the structural integrity of the entire fall protection system. During a fall protection anchor inspection, there are critical areas you should focus on. In this regard, watch out for the following:

  • Wear and tear on the webbings. 
  • Cracks on self-retracting lifelines.
  • The tightness of connectors, cables, and brackets. 
  • The structural integrity of the hook gates on lanyards. 
  • All fixings should be subjected to pull tests. 
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Why Regular Anchor Inspections Are Essential

Here's why fall protection anchor systems should be inspected regularly: 

It Prevents Fatal Accidents

It's a no-brainer that inspecting fall protection anchor systems helps you detect and correct errors before they become catastrophic. Indeed, falls can happen anytime, but having a robustly anchored protection system can prevent severe injuries or fatalities. 

Regulatory Compliance

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, employers should provide fall protection systems to employees working at height. Furthermore, the fall protection systems should be installed and anchored appropriately. 

Anchor inspections help you ascertain that the anchors are working and that they sufficiently support those using them. Remember, the inspections are meant to assess the anchors' condition so that any damage or deterioration gets detected immediately. Failure to inspect and maintain fall protection anchors can result in hefty non-compliance penalties. 

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Book Your Inspection with Experts

Falls are a hazard in most job sites but fall protection anchorage can help prevent such accidents and injuries. Nonetheless, your obligation to provide a secure job site doesn't end when you install a fall protection system. You can still be held liable if the system isn't well anchored. 

Regular inspections can help you monitor how robustly your fall protection system is anchored. An annual fall protection anchor inspection will ensure that your system is well-maintained and can prevent fatalities if accidents occur. So, schedule your fall protection anchor inspection with our experts today. 

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