Posted: 1 Nov '22

When Should You Consider Safety Guardrail Sales & Installation?

When Should You Consider Safety Guardrail Sales & Installation?

It takes constant work to create a safe workplace. So, even if you implement the most cutting-edge security measures or video surveillance systems, your employees may still be in danger if your infrastructure isn't enough. Even though every industry is unique, fall protection is a need when using various machines and instruments.

Working at a height poses a risk. Therefore, the best way to reduce risks on the job is to make the project site as safe as possible through safety guardrail sales & installation. The risk of working at heights can be considerably decreased with the proper guardrails.

Knowing when to consider installing safety guardrails is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of your workers. This guide will help you understand when you need to consider installing guardrails at the construction site. Let's take a look. Call us for a consultation on safety guardrail sales & installation.

What are Safety Guardrails?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines safety guardrails as permanent or static structures that safeguard workers from falls when working at heights. Safety guardrail sales & installation are recommended to safeguard employees because they don't need the training to use, inspect, or wear a fall protection device.

When Should You Consider Installing Safety Guardrails?

You cannot ignore the possibility of safety guardrail sales & installation for workers in high elevations. However, it can be difficult to know when to install them. Below are a few pointers you need to look out for:

Increased Personnel Traffic

Most personnel traffic often surrounds stairways, bathrooms, entry and exit doors, and pathways. If you notice increased foot traffic or an area where your workers are likely to congregate, you should consider safety guardrail sales & installation to separate them from equipment traffic.

Vulnerable Structures

Office space for operations managers and other workers is frequently created by placing modular structures on a facility's floor. These structures not only house individuals who would be hurt by a collision, but they would also sustain considerable damage. 

Similar to how building columns supporting the roof can be more vulnerable to major damage from an accident, these structures should be safeguarded like columns supporting mezzanines, raised work platforms, or pick modules.

Significant Elevation Changes

Guardrails should be there to prevent vehicles from tipping over the edge if there is a severe or considerable drop of more than an inch. This can feature dock doors, which can be equipped with detachable or rotating guardrails to provide protection while no trailer is present and accessible when one is required.

Presence of Dangerous Equipment

You should install guardrails around larger generators, electrical service panels, big motors, forklift battery changing and charging facilities, vehicle refuelling areas, automated system controls, and other machinery that might be hazardous (and even explosive) if impacted.

Guardrails for the Win

You can avoid daily falls and accidents by installing the appropriate kind and quality guardrail system. So, it may be time to evaluate your worksite's danger, damage, and risk before deciding on safety guardrail sales & installation. Finally, consider getting in touch with a qualified and professional guardrail installer who knows the industry and complies with the rules and regulations. Contact us today for more information.

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