Posted: 1 Feb '22

Why You Should Consider Onsite Safety Training Courses for Your Edmonton Area Business

Why You Should Consider Onsite Safety Training Courses for Your Edmonton Area Business

According to the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC), workplace fatalities occur across the country each year. By 2018, the number jumped from 951 to 1027.

While it is never desirable for the death rate to rise annually, it is important to remember that 2018 saw over 300,000 more employees, resulting in a modest increase in the mortality rate. The relevance of on-site safety training courses is shown by sustaining a consistent rate. Providing on-site safety training courses and continuing safe practices will ensure that your employees know what to do to maintain a safe, productive work environment. Call us today to learn more about the training we offer.

Providing On-site Safety Training Courses

Organizations all around the globe are constantly looking for new methods to improve staff productivity via training. For achieving corporate objectives, on-site training provides several advantages that assist your team in becoming more imaginative and productive. Whether you teach your employees in a specific department or encourage them to learn new abilities, these courses are designed to meet your needs.

Unlike other forms of instruction, on-site safety training courses are a highly effective means of educating staff, especially if your company has specialized requirements. Before you can understand the advantages of on-site training, one must first understand what on-site training is. When you get on-site safety training courses, your business can feel at ease since committed specialists will visit your location and offer training tailored to your specific needs.

Advantages of On-site Safety Training

If you're searching for an effective means to educate your personnel, on-site safety training is a good option. Before you begin, you should discover how this training will assist your company. Take a look at the following attractive benefits.

Customized Business Solutions

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for on-site safety training courses. Of course, each company has its requirements and working style. Experts in on-site training are committed to your company's demands. Before offering any solutions, they usually assess your company's needs. They may tailor the course to meet your specific requirements and ensure that it meets your exact specifications.


The most obvious benefit is the convenience of on-site safety training courses. The training will take place on your premises to save your workers' precious time. The training also gives the organization the flexibility to make last-minute modifications and select who will or will not participate in the training. On-site safety training courses also give your employees the benefit of training in the same environment they will be working in, letting them put their new skills to the test in real-world applications. 

Motivate and Boost Morale in Your Team

Onsite training allows employees to work together and learn collaboratively, which aids in team development. Not only does the training improve unity, but it also improves productivity and professional relationships.

Every individual engages in this training and contributes to the solutions. Offer your employees a feeling of purpose and job happiness by motivating them and meeting their needs.

Choose Your Own Time and Space

Your comfort is paramount when it comes to onsite safety training courses. These courses are customized to meet your needs, timetable, and comfort level. That means you may choose the time and location at your leisure. The training may take place at your headquarters or a resort, and you may pick the day and time that works best for you. These courses can also be used to teach employees on varied shift schedules.

Workforce Training Leads to a Culture of Safety

Devon's MI Safety teaches the use of practical knowledge through a unique hands-on teaching style to companies located in the Greater Edmonton Area who are curious about first aid, ground disturbance, fall protection, enclosed spaces, or H2S training. Please feel free to browse our website or contact us today to discover the merits of MI Safety. Consider our on-site safety training courses to increase productivity and revenues while having a great time learning.

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