Posted: 31 May '18

Emergency First Aid Training Courses: How to Get Through the First Few Moments of an Emergency

The construction industry is full of hazards everywhere. From simple cuts, to falls from heights, it only takes one misstep to end up with an emergency. These situations, if not addressed immediately and with a reasonable level of skill, can lead to permanent disabilities or even loss of life. It is important that your jobsite have the proper emergency protocols put in place, as well as have trained employees on site.

First Steps

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, the following steps are followed to contain the situation before pursuing further medical treatment:

  • Size up the scene and form an initial impression of the situation.
  • If the victim is awake and responsive and there is no life-threatening bleeding, conduct a head-to-toe check and provide care consistent with your training.
  • If the person is unresponsive, check for normal breathing.
  • If the victim is breathing, call 911 or the designated emergency number and obtain an AED.
  • If there is no breathing, call for emergency services, obtain an AED, and begin performing CRP until you see signs of life, an AED becomes available, or a trained medical responder arrives.

Emergency First Aid Training Courses

Emergency first aid training courses are programs put in place for advanced first aid responders. The classes are accredited by, The Canadian Occupational Safety and Health and recognized by both the federal and provincial/territorial governments.

Candidates attending the emergency first aid training course in Devon can expect to learn the following:

  • Preparing to respond
  • Minor wound management
  • Breathing and circulation emergencies
  • The check, call, care procedure
  • The EMS system
  • Airway emergencies
  • First aid for respiratory cardiac arrest

The Course

Emergency first aid training courses in Devon are one-day courses that last eight hours. 100% attendance is mandatory. Upon successful completion of first aid training courses, candidates are awarded a 3-year certification in Emergency First Aid, CPR Level C, and AED.

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