Emergency CPR and
First Aid Training Course

Emergency First Aid and CPR

What is Emergency First Aid and CPR training?

Emergency first aid training and CPR training is a one-day course that covers immediately life-threatening medical conditions. If the workplace has a nurse, EMR, or standard first aiders on site, this is the course for the workers. 

Students learn how to handle situations where there is deadly bleeding or someone has stopped breathing. There are practical and theoretical components.

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Why is this safety class important?

EFA training teaches students to deal with situations that left untreated will cause death within minutes. This basic training could save lives! 

This course will get you through the first few moments of an emergency. Burns, broken bones, and child birth can all be taken care of by medical professionals when they arrive. 

What will I learn in EFA and CPR training?

You will be taught to use triangular bandages to control deadly bleeding, and hands on techniques for clearing obstructed airways, such as the Heimlich Maneuver.

Depending on the level required, skills are taught for infants, children and adults.

Course Topics:

  • CPR techniques
  • Emergency Scene Management
  • Choking, airway and breathing emergencies
  • Prevention of disease transmission.
  • Primary and Secondary Survey

Emergency First Aid training is only one day long, making it easy and cost effective. It covers important skills and information you or your employees will need to save the day.

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