Posted: 1 Aug '20

Be Prepared in a Workplace Emergency with First Aid Training

Be Prepared in a Workplace Emergency with First Aid Training

You are aware that as an employer, you need to keep your worksites safe for your workers. Part of workplace safety is ensuring there are adequate employees on each shift who have taken a professional first aid training course. Having first aid certified can not only save lives but also save your business money when it comes to dealing with workplace injuries. There are so many reasons why having your employees trained in first aid and CPR. Contact us today for registration information.

Save Lives

One of the biggest threats to life, when an injury occurs, is not having someone who knows how to handle the situation on-site. If one employee on every shift has taken a first aid training course, care is provided as soon as possible to an injured staff member, reducing risks of complications that can come from waiting for help. In some situations, a matter of minutes can be the difference between life and death.

Saves Money

There can be several costs incurred when an employee is injured. There’s often a loss of productivity, and therefore profit may take a hit. There is the cost of caring for the injured employee, possibly training and paying a replacement employee, and even repairs to whatever may have caused an accident. Not to mention a potential lawsuit, dependant on the circumstances and extent of the employee’s injuries. Employees with a first aid training course under their belt are a lot more aware of potential hazards and ensure that preventable injuries don’t happen in the first place.

Faster Recovery

Injuries can cause a lot of pain and suffering for the one who is injured. Pain can lead to increased problems with the injury because of trying to deal with that pain. With proper first aid treatment at the time of the injury, that pain and suffering can be considerably reduced. Taking care of an injury as soon as possible can also reduce the amount of time needed to recuperate as well. Depending on the type of injury, waiting for help can cause life-changing complications. Having on-site staff trained in first aid and CPR greatly reduces this risk, and helps your injured worker get back to normal as soon as possible.

Empowers Your Staff

As an organization and as an individual, being trained in first aid and CPR empowers you. You now have the ability to save a life. Whether you are at work or not, you can help to save someone, no matter where you are. Plus, your organization will be known as a responsible place to work, further empowering you.

Improved Productivity

With every employee who is trained in first aid, occurrences of injury are significantly reduced.  Employees are much more mindful of hazards, and many accidents are prevented. With a reduction in workplace injuries, your workers will feel more confident. Confidence in the workplace leads to increased productivity on the job.

Register for a First Aid Training Course

You want to ensure that your employees feel safe on the job site. Part of ensuring that feeling is making sure that they have taken a first aid training course. If you are ready to empower your workplace, contact us to register your employees for a group first aid course.


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