Posted: 21 Nov '16

Why MI Safety is the Right Choice


The safety industry in Alberta boomed right along with the oilfield industry. You can find a safety training company in almost any town located close to industry hot spots. As long as your company will accept the training certificate, it doesn't really matter where you go, does it? At MI Safety, we think it does.

MI Safety was founded in 2003 by Robin Postnikoff. After many years in the Oil and Gas Industry and as part of the Mountain Rescue  Team in Nordegg, Robin recognized what he felt was a vital missing component to the safety training courses that were currently available - real life practice. We believe in providing hands on training. Our Yellowhead facility offers simulators for students to practice with while our Devon location is the perfect setting for specialized training. Our Devon facility includes drilling rigs, service rigs, production batteries and other various industrial displays. We use these facilities to train our ever-popular OSSA Confined Space Entry and Monitor, OSSA Fall Protection, Enform's H2S Alive, Red Cross First Aid, Enform's Rig Work courses, to name a few, in addition to custom courses as required by you, our customers.

In addition to teaching safety courses, MI Safety also does Safety Equipment Sales and Rentals. This is a full circle service, based on your requirements, that can include recommendations on equipment, equipment procurement, installation, on-site training and dismantling. Popular products include Horizontal Life Lines, Vertical Life Lines, Guardrail Systems and Tri-Pods and Winches but can also include harnesses, lanyards, inspection tags, etc.

As you may expect from a full service safety company, MI Safety can also complete your annual Fall Protection Safety Inspections, whether it's your harnesses and lanyards, or your permanently installed system. We are also certified through OSSA to provide Instructor Training and Certification for the OSSA courses. And let's not forget the hundreds of online courses we have conveniently made available.

So....MI Safety has great services available...but why else should you choose us? It was important to outline some of our primary work. As you may have gathered, if you have any type of industrial safety requirement, we are qualified to help you figure it out, safely and legally. Our dedicated team is not just made up of "behind the desk instructors." Those same instructors who teach the courses are the same ones that complete the harness inspections, life-line installations, can make up your rescue team, inspect your permanently installed systems and can design and make your safety system, followed up with engineering approval. Our team is not made up of instructors who can repeat some good stories they heard in their training -  they are instructors who have lived, worked and breathed the oil and construction industry, for some, for their whole lives. We have the type of experience that led to MI Safety staff being involved in the OHS part 9 committee in the 2006 and 2009 legislation review. Those are the qualities that set us apart and put us at the top of the safety training industry.

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