Posted: 1 May '20

Why it is Important All Employees Take a First Aid Training Course

Why it is Important All Employees Take a First Aid Training Course

Many jurisdictions require you to provide first aid training to your employees, but that doesn’t mean it always gets done. Having your employees ready and willing to handle potential situations or medical emergencies in the workplace can help to prevent severe injury or even death. Here are a few of the reasons why a first aid training course for your employees is necessary. Contact us to book your course.

Industry Specific First Aid 

Having employees take a first aid training course for your organization is beneficial because they will learn industry-specific first aid. While some injuries can happen anywhere, anytime, there are likely to be injuries that are more common in your industry. For example, those who took first aid training in an office setting may not be well versed in treating chemical burns. Ensuring that your employees are trained in first aid specific to your industry can be the difference between life and death when waiting for EMS personnel.  

Reduce Accidents in the Workplace

By having your employees take a proper first aid training course, they can be more proactive in eliminating potential hazards. As someone who is trained in first aid, your employees will be able to assess and take a proactive approach to potential injury hazards within the workplace and stop an injury from ever occurring. This can be even more helpful than knowing how to treat an injury!  

Saving You Money

First aid training has been known to help you save money. Since workplace injuries can get expensive for any organization, having any injuries assessed and treated immediately can help you to avoid any expensive issues. As previously stated, employees who have completed a first aid training course are also more mindful of potential hazards and are better equipped for preventing costly injuries in the first place. The time and energy spent dealing with workplace injuries are much more than the cost of getting your employees adequately trained.

Book Your First Aid Training Course 

You want to ensure the safety of your employees and your workplace. Its essential to provide a first aid training course for your employees so that they are always ready to deal with any potential emergency or injury that could occur. Contact us today to book your group first aid training.

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