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Vertical Life Lines
Vertical Life Lines

What is a Vertical Life Line or VLL?

A vertical life line or VLL and cable grab is fall protection and fall arrest system that is designed to allow work‐ ers to access vertical work areas such as ladders, on vessels, towers, buildings, stacks and tanks. VLL are tensioned cables that mount to a ladder or the structure. These systems are ideal for outdoor locations where use is less frequent. For frequent use areas, a device such as a Self Retracting Life line may be more convenient.

Why are Life Lines important?

VLL are ideal in outdoor areas where they could be exposed to the elements, such as wind, and rain. They are constructed of either Galvanized or Stainless Steel cable, to mitigate the effects of the rain, and tensioned so that they are protected for the harmful effects of the wind. Additionally vertical life lines are great to minimize fall distance and swing fall. Typically they limit the fall to 18” or less.

What are the different types of vertical life lines?

MI Safety Rescue & Safety Training can come to your site, and perform a needs analysis. Based this, we can recommend the equipment that best suits your needs. All the manufacturers, such as MSA, DBI Sala, Capital Safety and North have systems available. If your site already has one brand, we can install new systems to match. If not exist, we will recommend the best equipment for your company.



Past Projects

Gas Plant in Alberta Foothills required a repair of a damaged vertical life line cable in the middle of winter. This project was high risk as the stack had a couple hundred feet of vertical cable that we have to safely lower then replace and raise a new section up. Dropping the line would have damaged critical equipment. MI Safety safely completed this project.

This customer had a 400 foot concrete tower that they needed some anchor points installed for emergency access from the mid level deck. MI Safety was able to engineer the anchor system to ensure strength and compliance with the code. From there the climbed the tower and completed the work.