Fall Protection Safety Inspection

Fall Protection Annual Inspection
Fall Protection Annual Inspection

What is an Annual Inspection on Fall Protection Equipment?

The manufacturers of fall protection equipment require that equipment has an annual inspection, that is documented, and completed by a competent person other than the end user. This is required to find any defects with the equipment that would go unnoticed by the average user of the equipment. Not all defects in fall protection equipment are obvious.

Why is an annual inspection important?

Annual inspections that are documented are required by legislation, however, beyond legal requirements, this is the opportunity to check for equipment that would fail in a fall, or equipment that would not function properly in a fall. Fall Protection equipment that is not safe for use can lead to high arresting forces placed on your body in a fall, this can cause serious injury or death. It can also allow you to fall to the ground.

What documentation will we receive from the formal inspection?

Once we are completed the inspection, we create a report, if it is a permanent installed system, and an excel file if it is a harness, lanyard, anchor strap. The file records the serial number, make, model, the inspector, any problems found and the date. The equipment is also tagged with a colour coded label that identified the item as having a fall protection inspection.



Past Project

High Rise Building Operator Downtown Edmonton, required a repair and recertification of their Davit Arm certified to the CAN/CSA ‐Z271‐10 (R2015) ‐ SAFETY CODE FOR SUSPENDED PLATFORMS.


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