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Tripods and Winches
Tripods and Winches

Safety Tripod and Rescue Winch Rentals

Do you need to rent a Safety Tripod and Rescue Winch, we have these in various configurations. These rent out for $125.00/day for the basic configuration. A tripod is a great way to protect workers who need to vertically enter manholes and utility vaults.

Why is it important to have a tripod and winch?

The system is a safe and quick way to quickly and effectively lift a worker from a confined space. They also provide an anchor point for worker fall protection.

What are the different types of Safety Tripod and Rescue Winches?

Most of our tripods and the standard safety type tripod, that are rated for 5,000 lbs and are 8 feet high. We are able to get in the 10’ foot and 10,000 lb tripod as well. Our rentals can come with a type 3 SRL Retractable, and back up type 2 srl, or we can rent them with winch and type 2 SRL for access. Depending on our situation, either configuration has an advantage, contact us for advice. If needed we can also rent a rope rescue system for the vertical raise, a 4:1 mechanical advantage pulley system.