Global Ground Disturbance
Level 2 Safety Training

Global Ground Disturbance

What is Global Ground Disturbance Training?

Ground Disturbance Training is required for anyone who excavates or disturbs ground deeper than 12”. However, even disturbing the top inch can be classified as a disturbance.

Ground Disturbance training is for workers and supervisors completing and overseeing excavation work. They take training to ensure that they don't unknowingly disturb the ground.

Our training course is offered every week and takes 8 hours. When completed, you receive a certification card that is valid for three years.

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Why is Ground Disturbance safety training important?

The majority of the time where a line strike occurs, the workers involved in the incident did not understand their responsibilities.

The cost of an underground facility hit can be astronomical. Hitting gas lines and electrical lines can seriously injure or even kill workers. Damaging a fiber optic cable can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. A line strike can seriously damage a company's reputation, or even cause bankruptcy.

The good news, is that workers who understand their responsibilities almost never cause line strikes.

What will I learn in the Global Ground Disturbance II course?

  • What is a ground disturbance?
  • Occupational Health and Safety legislation and the Pipeline Act regarding excavations.
  • Preparation checklist for excavation planning.
  • How to create a site and plot plan.
  • Techniques for excavation and their advantages/disadvantages.
  • Responsibilities of workers and supervisors during ground disturbances.
  • Crossing facilities' right-of-ways.
  • How to complete a backfill inspection.
  • Contacting and working with stakeholders involved in ground disturbances.

Our instructors are experienced professionals on the topic of ground disturbance. They are veterans of the industrial and oil and gas sector.

Canadian Society of Engineering Safety Alberta Construction Safety Association Canadian Safety Standards Training Alliance