Enform Rig Work Fall Protection
Safety Training Course

Enform Rig Work Fall Protection

What is the Enform Rig Work Fall Protection Course?

This is the Enform approved Fall Protection Course for drilling and service workers. It is a 16-hour course designed for workers such as Floor Hands, Motor Hands, Derrick Hands, and Drillers.

It is also often taken by service companies such as Loggers, Cementers, Frac Workers, Top Drive Mechanics, and Electricians.

This two day course is much more in-depth than the standard one day training course that most construction workers take and has an extensive practical component, which is held outdoors on the drilling and service training rigs located at our site.

If you are looking for the OSSA Fall Protection Training Course (click here)




Why is this course important?

This fall protection course is the prerequisite for the Enform-approved Rig Rescue course.

This course is held at our training facility at the Leduc #1 Historic Site, which is just west of Edmonton, Alberta. Training takes place on the various drilling and service rigs located onsite where students get experience in fall protection on a real rig. 

Members of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors have collaborated to create this Fall Protection course, as well as the Rig Rescue course.

What will I learn in the RWFP program?

Course Topics:

  • Fall protection planning and systems
  • Permanent, temporary and engineered anchors
  • Anchoring devices such as web passthrough adapters and D rings
  • Connecting devices, lanyards, snaphooks and carabiners
  • E 4 and E6 energy absorbers
  • Connector compatibility
  • Double leg lanyards and hazards of their use
  • Self-retracting lifelines, Type 1, 2, and 3
  • Vertical Lifelines
  • Rope Grabs
  • Cable Grabs
  • Horizontal lifeline inspection and use

After the training, workers will have theoretical knowledge and experience using fall protection equipment on a drilling and service rig. 

The course covers fall protection, fall arrest, travel restraint, and work positioning.