Posted: 20 Oct '16

Ways First Aid Training for Employees Can Make Your Workplace Safer Today

Employee First Aid Training in Edmonton from MI Safety
Having your employees trained in first aid starts providing a return on your investment as soon as they are back in your workplace. While it is required by law that you have a specific number of workers who are certified, circumstances have proven time and again that if all employees are trained, there are greater improvements in safety. Here are several ways first aid training for your employees in Edmonton can make your workplace safer today.

Greater Production with Decreased Safety Risk

Workers who feel that their employees have a vested interest in them beyond making them money do work harder. Most employees are aware of the risks involved with their jobs and understand that first aid training is required for a specified number of people in the workplace. By training all of your employees, you are providing them with valuable skills for your workplace and their personal lives, which fosters improved morale. At the end of the day, happy workers work harder.

First aid training encourages your workers to work smarter and safer, decreasing the risk of accidents and injuries. When they are trained as a group, they tend to look out for each other more and remind of the possible dangers if someone is working in a manner that is not safe. This provides the dual benefit to you of increased production and a decreased safety risks.

First Aid Training Mitigates Damages from Incidents

If an accident or a health issue does occur, having your workers qualified with first aid training saves lives and mitigates damages to the injured party. If only the bare minimum of employees are trained, imagine if it was yourself who had a heart attack, requiring immediate CPR to save your life? By the time employees who were right beside you found the person on their floor who is certified, you might not be reading this right now. If all employees are properly trained, help is always as close as the person standing next to you.

Not only is getting help faster, workers with proper training are able to respond appropriately whereas employees without training may panic or freeze. Your trained workers will also know what is in the first aid kits throughout your facility and how to use all of the products inside for maximum benefit to the injured party.

First aid training for your Edmonton employees will save you money through reduced compensation claims, mitigated damages during incidents and a generally safer working environment. It can actually increase your profits as the morale of your workplace is improved through providing your people with a value-benefit of working for you. Contact us at MI Safety to learn how to get your employees trained today.

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