Posted: 15 Nov '17

Working at Heights: 5 Reasons why OSSA Fall Protection Training is Crucial.

OSSA Fall Protection Training course
The Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) Fall Protection Training course is available several times a week. As with most MI Safety courses, our OSSA Fall Protection Training course features a comprehensive classroom learning component as well as a practical portion. After the completion of a test, you will receive a certification card valid for three years.

1. Understanding the Dangers of Working at Heights

The OSSA Fall Protection Training Course will touch on statistics, definitions, and a comprehensive understanding of a fall protection system before diving into hands-on learning.

2. Learning Industry Safety Equipment

In addition to permanent, temporary and engineered anchors, the OSSA Fall Protection Training Course features energy and shock absorbers, safety lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, rope grabs, and vertical & horizontal lifelines.

3. Mandatory Across Canada

The OSSA Fall Protection Training course is standard in Alberta and has since been adopted all across Canada. MI Safety is proud to offer a course that has been recognized nationally due to its many applications. This course is approved by the Oil Sand Safety Association and meets the requirements of a training course as per part 9 of the Alberta OHS code. MI Safety staff are included on the OHS part 9 committee and therefore have a fundamental understanding of the legislation and how it translates to an effective training course.

4. Accident Prevention

This course will also teach students about the importance of free fall, total fall distance, and require clearance when learning about safety nets, control zones, and other fall protection measures. Also, by teaching students the importance of proper equipment care and maintenance, those who complete the course will be educated to properly inspect their equipment and report unsafe working practices.

5. Rescue Planning

Rescuing those suspended at heights is incredibly dangerous and due to issues like suspension trauma can be fatal in only a few short minutes. In response, the OSSA fall protection training course in Edmonton strives to not only prevent accidents from happening via educating students on potential dangers but give them the tools to plan and implement a rescue operation quickly should the unthinkable occur.

Working at heights is dangerous and demanding work. To ensure worker safety, it is paramount for employers and employees alike to understand industry best practices and the importance of working in a culture that promotes safe working procedures. MI Safety's OSSA fall protection training course not only discusses and analyzes common fall arrest equipment but also offers safety measures to ensure that those working at heights have the knowledge and experience they need to work safely. For more information on OSSA fall protection training, contact MI Safety today!

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