Posted: 2 Jan '20

Why Everyone Working at Height Needs a Fall Protection Course

Protecting worker's lives is not only an employer’s moral duty; it is a legal responsibility. When workers are going to be working at heights, it is essential that these employees learn about fall protection. Taking a fall protection course can be the difference between a full life and a quick death.

Knowledge helps save lives because it gives your workers the tools; they need to handle any situation when working at heights. Everyone who is going to be working off the ground should take a fall protection course because the skills you will learn are invaluable.

Here are the skills a fall protection course can teach you:

  • Where fall hazards might occur and how to identify problem areas in the workplace.
  • What procedures will help to minimize the occurrences of falls and where there are hazards.
  • Knowledge of how to use and how operate all pieces of fall protection equipment in safe and proper manner. This includes how to assemble and disassemble the equipment at the time it is needed.
  • Learn how to correctly use fall equipment. This includes learning to properly hook-up, tie-off, anchor, inspect and store all the equipment.

When taught a fall protection course by a properly trained and certified instructor, you can minimize the risk of there being any falls or hazards in the workplace. Your workers need to know how to handle working at heights through proactive actions and safety that can save their lives.

How often should you and your employees take a fall protection course?

Anyone who is going to be working at heights should take a training course before they begin. There are no regulations that state how often training should occur, but an employer can determine if retraining is necessary or not. Pay special attention to if a worker is retaining their training. Furthermore, if it has been a while since a worker has worked at heights, then retraining may be necessary.

Keep your workplace safe. Get anyone who is going to be working at heights to take a protection course. Find out more about the courses and what they entail by contacting us. We are happy to provide you all the information you need. Fall protection can save a life.

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