Posted: 20 Dec '16

The Most Unexpected Scenarios Where First Aid Can Save a Life

First Aid Courses in Edmonton from MI Safety
A surprising number of people often groan about taking a first aid course in Edmonton because it's a job requirement and they feel it's something they have to sit through if they want to be hired or keep their job. The fact is, first aid and CPR are life-saving tools you carry with you everywhere you go and could save the life of someone you care about. Check out some of these most unexpected scenarios where first aid has saved a life.

Caterer Saves Young Boy from Choking

This past July, a woman who was checking up on her catering staff heard screams and ran over to see what was wrong. It turned out a young boy around eight or so was choking on a piece of watermelon and the people with him were frantic and didn't know what to do. Thanks to having taken a first aid course, the woman calmly took over and after using Heimlich maneuver, the watermelon was dislodged from his airway. If this woman hadn't taken a first aid course that let her act confidently in a time of crisis, that young boy may not have lived to celebrate his next birthday.

Life-Saving CPR One Day After a First Aid Course

A woman who lives near Edmonton attended a first aid course sponsored by her workplace in June of this year. Just one day later, she would use the skills she acquired to save the life of woman in distress. The woman and her family had gone to the beach to enjoy some time away and heard a man shouting, asking if anyone knew CPR. She dropped her things and ran over to find a collapsed woman on the beach. Not finding vital signs, the woman began to perform the CPR she had learned the day before. After performing the life-saving skill for ten minutes, paramedics arrived and saw the woman to hospital where she made a full recovery. The woman's first aid course saved the life of the 23-year old young lady.

Odds Are You'll Use Your First Aid Skills

In the incidents above, the people helped strangers who are alive today due to their efforts. While this is an incredible thing, what if someone you loved was in a similar situation and you couldn't help them? With the prevalence of heart attacks, strokes and accidents that occur every day, the odds are good that taking a first aid course could save the life of someone you love.

Whether you take a first aid course for your Edmonton workplace or you invest in the time yourself, you will carry away a skill set that could save the life of someone you care about or you could save the life of a stranger. Contact us at MI Safety to sign up your first aid course today so you can save someone's life if the situation ever arises.

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