Posted: 1 Jun '20

Understanding Procedures for Onsite Confined Space and Fall Rescue

Understanding Procedures for Onsite Confined Space and Fall Rescue

As an employer, it is essential for you to understand the regulations regarding onsite confined space and fall rescue. There are a number of standards that you want to adhere to so that you are ready to tackle any emergency situation should the need arise. Contact us today to learn more.

Onsite Confined Space and Fall Rescue Regulations 

The onsite confined space and fall rescue regulations are necessary for any workplace and should be ready to be implemented according to a pre-determined rescue plan.  

As an employer, you should ensure that none of your workers enter or remain in any confined space unless it is in accordance with a plan and with written rescue procedures in place should the need arise. These rescue procedures should be ready to go the minute you need them.  

Adequate Training 

Before anyone goes into a confined space, make sure that you have established an appropriate entry. You need to be sure that anyone entering the space is adequately trained, and there are onsite confined space and fall rescue procedures ready to be implemented.  

Make sure your employees are trained in: 

  • Working in confined space procedures 
  • Rescue procedures 
  • First aid and CPR 
  • How to use any of the rescue equipment if necessary 

Up to Date Equipment Inspections 

As an employer, you should be sure that all rescue equipment is identified in accordance with the rescue plan you have in place, and that all equipment has been inspected and is available the minute there is a need. 

Be sure that all equipment has been inspected to ensure that everything is in working order. Every inspection of equipment and workplace is done so in writing as well as visually.  

Book Training Today 

As an employer, you have a duty to ensure the safety and compliance of your employees to these regulations. Making sure that your employees are adequately trained in onsite confined space and fall rescue can be lifesaving should a dangerous situation arise. We now offer confined space entry and monitor training online! Call us today to learn more about keeping your workers safe in confined spaces.

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