Posted: 1 Jul '20

Things to Consider for Your Workplace Guardrail and Handrail Installation and Rentals

Things to Consider for Your Workplace Guardrail and Handrail Installation and Rentals

Working at heights can be dangerous for your workers. Proper training and safety equipment go along way in minimizing the risk of fall related injuries to your employees. Guardrail and handrail installation and rentals are very useful in keeping your workers safe in high places. Contact us to learn more on workplace guardrail installation.

Consideration Before Getting Guardrails and Handrail

Guardrails and handrails aren’t the same thing, though many guardrails have handrails. Handrails serve to help workers support themselves as they go up and down a ramp or stairways. Guardrails are designed to help prevent someone from falling when working at heights.

When to Use Guardrails

You should always install guardrails when working at heights is necessary. These should be used when there is an unprotected edge that can lead to falls. It is good practice to have guardrails installed under the following circumstances:

  • Working on a balcony or at the edge of catwalks
  • Overhead conveyors, scaffolds, platforms that are raised and open
  • Roofs where working or edges that are open at elevated worksites
  • Anywhere where a fall is a possibility due to heights

As you are making considerations for your guardrail and handrail installation and rental, you want to make sure that any load limits are met. Often guardrails will come with a weight limit as to what they can support.

Industry Standards

Regardless of what type of guardrail and handrails you use, you want to make sure that you are meeting industry standards. There are some regulatory requirements that you want to be sure are met regarding height and spacing. Make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines or make sure your rentals are following guidelines when installing on your worksite.

  • Some specifications include:
  • Guardrails should be high enough to keep a worker from falling
  • Strong enough to withstand the number of workers there are on the site
  • That they are evenly placed and close enough together to prevent people from falling through gaps in the spacing
  • Those guardrails are installed as close to the edge as is possible
  • The entire open edge is surrounded in rails
  • That the materials used are smooth so as not to cut skin or clothing

Where to Rent Guardrails and Handrails?

MI Safety has everything your need for guardrail and handrail installation and rentals. We design, install, rent, sell and service all types of guardrails. Contact us today for a quote!

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