Posted: 14 May '18

The Most Frequently Cited Violations of Fall Protection Equipment Provisions

There are several ways that a person can fall and injure themselves at the workplace. Using fall protection equipment is essential to preventing serious, life-threatening injuries. Here are a few of the most frequently cited violations of fall protection

Residential construction: In 2017, several hundred new violations were reported with painters, re-modelers, developers, roofers, and siding and gutter construction companies. All these jobs involve working at heights with multiple pieces of equipment.

Unprotected sides/edges: Without fall protection equipment, workers can easily fall from unprotected edges when they accidentally trip over tools. The good news is that citations in this category have been coming down, thanks to the increase in construction site inspections as well as growing awareness among construction workers.

Roofing work on low-slope roofs: Performing roofing work on low slopes remains a major risk to workers and has, over the years, led to the loss of life. What’s worse, low-slope roof violations are even outnumbering high-slope citations. A low-slope roof is defined as one with a pitch of 4:12 or less, meaning that the height rises by 2-4 inches for every 12-inch increase in the horizontal run.

Working on steep roofs: Sharply inclined roofs are dangerous to workers as well. A worker may easily misstep on a roof tile, for example, and fall down to the lower levels. You can minimize risk of falling from roofs and other raised areas by investing in fall protection equipment Edmonton.

Holes and skylights: The danger of falling through a skylight or hole is less obvious than that of falling over a roof edge. But, the two also need to be protected to prevent falling. This is another area where fall protection equipment Edmonton can help.

Increase Worker Safety with Fall Protection Equipment

These citations, although decreasing, remain a major concern for employers because falling from height puts the life of victims in real danger. Moreover, Sections 26 to 26.9 of the Regulations for Construction Projects require fall protection for workers. Failure to comply can lead to steep penalties, ranging into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can ensure your workers’ safety and avoid costly penalties by investing in fall protection equipment for your Edmonton business. Options include guardrail systems, personal fall arrest systems, safety nets, warning line systems, and safety monitoring systems. Contact us today to learn more about fall protection equipment in Edmonton.

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