Posted: 15 Aug '16

The Importance of Safety Equipment Inspections

Fall Protection Inspection from MI Safety Training in Edmonton
Did you know the law requires all your fall protection equipment in Edmonton to be inspected a minimum of once per year by someone who is competent and does not regularly use the equipment? Those inspections must be documented and records must be kept in order to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.

It is not uncommon for our safety training instructors to encounter out of date and faulty equipment when they instruct a safety course. In most cases, it is not the company’s lack of commitment to safety that results in this scenario, but instead the lack of understanding. This isn’t surprising considering that the OH&S handbook has a lot of information in it and while the information may be good, it’s not always easy to understand. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what does and doesn’t apply to you.

Safety Experts Save Time and Money

This is where those of us at MI Safety becomes an incredible cost and time saving tool for companies because our focus is safety. We have invested years and been involved in a lot of meetings and have helped to shape the industry. We understand the OH&S code book and we are able to help you understand the parts that apply to your company and the specific work you do.

We can help specifically in a number of ways, such as:

  • Onsite consultations about your work and recommend the safest, most affordable safety systems for your company.
  • Provide inspections on current fall protection equipment and the completion of the proper documentation.
  • Coordinate safety training for members of your team on how to complete pre-use or annual inspections.
  • Assist with forms and learning what documentation is needed in order to be in compliance with health and safety legislation.

Knowing the Warning Signs

If the following circumstances describe your company, it could be an indicator that you are in need of safety training in Edmonton:

  • There has been an injury at your worksite related to equipment.
  • You are unsure if annual inspections are being completed, by whom and what their level of training is to conduct those inspections.
  • New safety equipment hasn’t been purchased within the past 5 years.
  • You have not removed equipment from service in the past 5 years.
  • Employees have expressed concern over the condition of safety equipment or the safety systems you are using.
  • You have never had a discussion with a fall protection professional regarding your scope of work, how, where, why and by whom the equipment will be used.

When it comes to safety training in Edmonton, it’s important to ensure that all safety equipment, whether it’s fall protection or respirators, is properly inspected to make sure that you are following OH&S legislation. At MI Safety, we put your safety first and strive to make your site safe for everyone, not just workers. Contact us today to find out how our safety training or safety equipment inspections can help your workplace be safer and smarter.

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