Posted: 8 May '17

The Importance of Confined Space Training When Working in the Oil Sands

You know perfectly well that dangers exist on the job site in the oil sands but safety, not ignoring them, is the way to tackle them. Proper training and education is often required by your job and ensures that the dangers of your job don’t come home with you. Confined spaces in the oil sands present the greatest danger to the hard working men and women who keep the industry going. Confined Space Training provides you with the information on working procedure and knowledge of rescue equipment you can put into practice that will protect you on the job.

Confined Space Training is not just required, it is important

The reality of working in the oil sands is that the job often demands workers to operate in partially enclosed and enclosed areas. The oil sands already pose a risk but spaces not designed for human occupancy or are difficult get in and out increase the dangers to workers even more. You can become trapped and not be able to leave the same way you entered, get stuck if something falls or crushed inside a collapsing structure, often in the presence of harmful substances and while completing a process that is dangerous. The most effective way to combat the pressing dangers and hazard of confined spaces on the job is confined space training

What is the Confined Space Training Course?

We have two courses available in Devon and Edmonton, OSSA Confined Space Entry and Monitor classroom training course and Confined space entry and rescue training course. Depending on the course, a combination of a classroom training course with a hands-on rescue component will ensure you know what to do and gives you an opportunity to actually practice it. You will become familiar with relevant equipment, the rescue, and testing process through mock entry and how to be proactive to reduce the risks of confined spaces

You will learn what you need to know on the job

The theoretical component of the course will include the knowledge you need and the hands-on portion will give you the practical training, that if need be, you can apply in the field.  The confined space training course is covered in one-day, the same duration as your average work day of 8 to 10 hours and certification last three years. The course can be taken individually or you can make a group booking as both are available.

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