Posted: 30 Sep '17

The Difference Between Standard & Emergency First Aid Training Courses

First Aid Training Course
First aid training is universally regarded as an effective and potentially life-saving investment for any individual or business. While it’s encouraging to see more employers and individuals taking the time to familiarize themselves with CPR and other life-saving procedures, many are unaware of the differences between standard first aid and emergency first aid. Thankfully, MI Safety offers both Emergency and standard first aid training courses in Edmonton.

Why First Aid Is Important

MI Safety offers two First Aid Training Courses in Edmonton that are designed to provide students with the training and knowledge to respond quickly and effectively to any medical emergency. The benefits of first aid are innumerable, and while many may have seen CPR performed in the movies, the hectic nature of an emergency scenario may result in a well-meaning co-worker making the situation worse. Thankfully, our Edmonton-based First Aid Training Course teaches students to assess the scene of the emergency – such as assessing the responsiveness of an injured co-worker - and introduces the basics of First Aid and CPR.

Standard First Aid Training Courses in Edmonton

Our standard first aid and CPR course is our most popular and comprehensive option for those looking for a certification. A two-day course, students are shown all aspects of first aid through classroom learning and practical hands-on learning. MI Safety’s Standard First Aid training course offers:

  • First Aid ABC’s
  • CPR and AED’s
  • Breathing and cardiac emergencies
  • Head and spine injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries

Advanced First Aid Training Courses in Edmonton

Emergency first aid training differs from standard training by covering immediately life-threatening medical emergencies. In the event of a medical emergency where death is likely to occur within minutes, such as deadly bleeding or a lack of breathing, students will be equipped to respond and keep the injured individual stable until medical professionals arrive.

MI Safety’s Emergency CPR and First Aid Course Offers:

  • How to use triangular bandages to stop deadly bleeding
  • Hands-on techniques for clearing blocked airways
  • Emergency scene management
  • CPR techniques

Hands-on and Classroom learning

Effectively responding to an emergency requires theoretical knowledge as well as practical expertise. Thankfully, our passionate instructors have designed our courses to feature written and hands-on components to ensure that you’re prepared for anything. Upon completion, a certificate is issued and valid for three years.

Committed to Safety

With our combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience, MI Safety is Edmonton's leader in comprehensive first aid courses and training. Conveniently located in Devon and Edmonton, our facilities are equipped to provide you and your team the comprehensive safety education necessary to prevent accidents and save lives. For more information on first aid training courses in Edmonton, contact us today!

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