Posted: 31 Jan '17

Why Standard First Aid Training Shouldn’t Be Optional

Standard First Aid Course in Edmonton from MI Safety
If you listen to people when they talk about having to take first aid training, you might hear them gripe about being "forced" into it because it's mandatory for their job. Standard first aid is actually an extremely valuable course and does a lot more than make your resume look good. In fact, standard first aid in Edmonton shouldn't be optional; it should be a mandatory requirement for any employee, regardless of their work environment.

Standard First Aid Saves Lives

There's no question that standard first aid saves lives. Instead of people thinking how they would rather be anywhere than in a first aid course, people should think about the benefit it provides in daily life beyond the workplace. It's easy to hear about horrific accidents or even household injuries and think, "That would never happen to me!" The fact is, these things do happen and more often than you might think. Studies have proven that people who have taken standard first aid in Edmonton can assess an emergency situation and apply their skills appropriately to mitigate damage and more often than not, save the life that is at stake.

Develop Important Leadership Skills

Standard first aid has instilled leadership qualities in people who have taken the courses for work in Edmonton or because they wanted to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Leadership skills do far more than enhance a resume; they can change how you live your life and the lives of those around you. The knowledge that you know how to confidently perform CPR and identify what is needed in a given situation, that you hold the power to perform life-sustaining skills, helps to inspire a confidence in you that you'd be hard pressed to learn elsewhere. You learn to be a leader in an emergency and how to be proactive, rather than resorting to panic and disorganization. While you may not apply your CPR skills on a daily basis, the leadership skills you learn can improve every facet of your life.

Standard first aid training should be mandatory for any workers in Edmonton. Imagine the number of people who could survive life-threatening situations if people knew what to do, what equipment to use and when to use CPR. Why not start improving your life and your chances of helping someone survive a life-threatening occurrence right now? Contact us at MI Safety to enroll in a standard first aid training course or to learn more about the other first aid and safety training courses we offer.

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