Posted: 31 Aug '17

Safety Training Edmonton: The Importance of Incorporating Safety into your Company Culture.

Safety Training Edmonton

Creating a company’s culture that reflects safety can be challenging but is well worth the effort. A company’s corporate culture refers to a set of unwritten rules and attitudes that is prevalent throughout the employees that guides behaviours. Including safety training in your company’s culture will result in employees going above and beyond to improve safety for themselves and their coworkers. Creating a corporate culture that is rooted in safety is the best way to keep your employees safe. For all your safety training in Edmonton contact MI safety.

The importance of safety training culture

Even seemingly innocuous tasks can be a huge burden on your company’s productivity. For example, in the US overexerting when lifting and lowing objects results in over 100,000 missed work days annually. This statistic highlights that unsafe procedure, although not life threatening, can be hazardous to your company. Furthermore, incorrect lifting is not readily enforced or regulated – it is difficult to ensure that everyone is doing it correctly. However, a company culture of safety training can ensure that your employees safety procedures are inherent in their behaviours allowing them to always make the right choice for their safety.

How to achieve safety culture?

The benefits of a safety training culture are obvious, however effectually crafting one can be difficult. The most important way to form a corporate culture is to ensure everybody buys into it, especially ownership and upper-management. If anyone is exempt from a cultural behaviour, it undermines the whole initiative. If safety is considered paramount to those at the top, including superior to even profit motives, the attitude will quickly permeate throughout the company.

After upper-management has bought into the initiative, you can accelerate its acceptance by your staff by identifying key personnel to lead the safety protocol. Encourage them to be visible in their approach to safety and consider making him or her a “Safety Leader” to lead workshops and answer questions from employees.

Lastly, develop a system of accountability. It is important that every member of the company plays by the same rules, and that the accountability is enforced equally as to ensure a culture of equality.

Keeping your company safe is not only extremely important, but also can be difficult to enforce. One way to guide the behavior of your employees is by creating a company culture of safety. Contact MI safety at 780-987-3465 for your safety training in Edmonton.

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