Posted: 6 Feb '17

Safety - Is Your Company Doing it Right?

Many companies are recognizing that safety is worth investing in. It is, of course, also required by law. That law can sometimes be difficult to interpret, particularly if your job scope falls into the something in between category.

If you're part of a small company you likely wear many hats. If you're working in management you might be responsible for bidding on jobs, sourcing work materials, hiring, training and building and managing your safety program. If you're part of a really small company you're probably also part of the work crew. All of these responsibilities can make it difficult to stay on top of your safety program. When a successful bid results in tight deadlines and a dedication to work excellence it can be easy to jump into the work and not give safety the attention it needs. The work itself, after all, is going to be a progression the company who hired you can see on a day to day basis. It's also going to be where you get flak first if things aren't following the expected schedule. Fulfilling your desired and legislated safety requirements may be something that goes unnoticed...until an incident occurs.

Most of the time the training, equipment and ongoing usage of the safety equipment isn't really that difficult and it really does increase safety and reduce overall costs for your company. But when you're brain is busy with everything else "this safety business" can seem like a bigger challenge and more expensive then it really is. That's where MI Safety can help. If you head out the the nearest safety supply shop, you don't know what sort of training and experience the guy behind the counter has with your type of work. He may ask you some questions, but if he doesn't really know your work environment there can be challenges to the equipment he recommends that he simply isn't aware of. At MI Safety our team of staff has such a complex understanding of industrial settings that we can often understand the challenges you're going to face with a simple consultation. We are also able to provide a level of flexibility to our services that other companies just can't offer. You work in a remote location? We can work with that. You need specialized safety equipment to complete your work occasionally, but not often enough to invest big dollars into it? We can work with that; by either providing you with the most cost effective equipment along with training on how to use it if required or through our rental program. You can't afford to have an instructor onsite or send your employee to our classroom training every time you hire someone? We can provide a member of your crew with instructor training so that you can complete most of your training onsite.

Contact MI Safety today, so that you can do safety right and maintain costs. We'll be happy to work with you!

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