Posted: 12 Sep '16

Rig Work Fall Protection Isn't Just for Rig Workers

Rig Work Fall Protection course in Edmonton from MI Safety
The Enform Rig Work Fall Protection course was created in collaboration by the members of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors. It was designed for drilling and service workers but many service companies such as Loggers, Cementers, Frac Workers, Top Drive Mechanics and Electricians take the course as well. Why? Because it’s an in-depth, 2 Day Course with a strong practical component.

A lot of industry requires workers to carry Fall Protection training, but many do not use that training as part of their regular work. For those who use Fall Protection in their regular work a more in-depth training course is the best way to ensure workers truly understand how to work safely and protect themselves.

Making Safety a Priority

At MI Safety we want you to go home safely at the end of each day. For this purpose, we have a highly skilled team of employees that can train your employees on your job site, with your equipment. We are also able to make recommendations for the safest, most affordable and most practical equipment for your specific uses. But what if you’re not a company, you are one individual who works at heights on a regular basis and you want the best training?

We invite you to check out our website and look into the Enform Rig Work Fall Protection course. This course gives you 16 hours of instruction and includes training on fall protection, fall arrest, travel restraint and work positioning. Various equipment used for any at-height work is also covered. Following the theoretical training there is a practical component.

How often have we taken some training our employers require of us, we return to work, we carry on as before and if we were asked to talk about the training or model the training provided a month later we would perhaps not be able to do it, or not be able to do it well. The Rig Work Fall Protection course will help prevent that. Learning about the equipment, potential challenges and the history of how this equipment has evolved over time and then using the equipment is the best way to make that information sink in and make sense. Sometimes the training seems simple, until we’re asked to apply our knowledge. Then we realize we’re not as comfortable as we’d like to be. And when you’re working at heights and your training is designed to save your life you need to be comfortable!

You may also want to consider the Enform Rig Work Fall Rescue course. This course can only be taken after you have completed the Rig Work Fall Protection course. As the names imply, we first want to protect you from having a fall, but if someone on your work site does fall we need to have a plan in place to know how we’re going to rescue that worker.

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