Posted: 1 Aug '19

Proper Guardrail and Handrail Installation & Rentals Can Be the Difference in Preventing Falls

Does your workplace meet the structural integrity and strength standards necessary for fall prevention? You cannot wholly avoid heights hence the need for guardrail and handrail installation & rentals.

Proper guardrails and handrails can be the difference in preventing falls and avoiding the rampant, deadly fall hazards. Guardrails and handrails are passive fall protection systems whose installation should meet the OHS standards for efficacy.

Standard Railing System Requirements

  • Must be 42 feet tall from the walking or the working surface
  • Separate the top rail and the working or walking surface with at least a single rail
  • Can withstand a force of 200 lbs
  • Consist of a toe board for employees to work below the area
  • Don’t use steel and plastic banding for middle or top rails
  • Both the ends of the middle and the top rails should not overhang the terminal pillar lest they become a projection hazard for employees

Why Proper Guardrail and Handrail Installation & Rentals Can Be the Difference in Preventing Falls

Fitting of your railing system may seem an easy task. However, a single mistake in the selection of the appropriate railing for your workplace will become a costly mess. Failure to comply with guardrail and handrail installation guidelines leads to;

  1. Increased cases of fall accidents rendering your employees inefficient to work.
  2. Potential lawsuits as employees seek fall compensation for what they feel is your failure. The trials are not only expensive but also waste plenty of time which you would otherwise refocus to scaling your company.
  3. Also, increased insurance premiums which eat into your pool of resources leading to the failure of your business.

Stages In Proper Guardrail and Handrail Installation

Everybody wants their project accomplished by professionals, don’t you? Some of the steps in the installation of an effective railing system are;

  • Excavating the foundation
  • Concrete placement
  • Fitting of vertical support pillars

Get Your Guardrails Proper

Never underestimate the safety aspect of proper guardrails. Keeping you and your employees safe should be the #1 priority. Looking for the proper guardrails for your business? Contact us today! REQUEST INFO ON OUR COURSES

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