Posted: 15 Dec '18

Preventing a Fall with Proper Guardrail and Handrail Installation & Rentals

Fall protection for industrial workers is a mandatory requirement by the government. Whenever you have workers working at a height of four feet or more, you need to provide the necessary fall protection systems to prevent falls or limit damage in case of an incident.

Safety railing systems are an important part of these fall protection systems. You are required to install a railing system that is 42” tall from the working/walking surface, with at least one more rail between the top rail and the walking/working surface. The rails must be able to withstand 200lbs of force and a toe board is needed if workers are likely to walk underneath the area during work.

Get Professional Guardrail and Handrail Installation & Rentals Services

You can now meet all these requirements with our guardrail and handrail installation & rentals services. We offer several rental services:

Rail System Installation Services

There are specific guidelines governing the installation of guardrail and handrail systems in Canada. For instance, plastic banding and steel banding are not allowed for top rails or mid rails. Also, the end of the top rails and mid rails must not overhang the terminal posts, except where the overhang doesn’t pose a projection hazard for workers. These are just a few of the regulations. Breaking any of these rules can cause unforeseen accidents resulting in injuries and potentially lawsuits.

Unlike other companies, we provide full-service guardrail and handrail installation & rentals. Our experts will handle every aspect of the installation process, from excavating foundations to placing concrete, and erecting vertical support columns to laser leveling. This helps to ensure 100% conformance with fall protection laws.

Rail System Rental Services

We also provide guardrail and handrail system rentals. Whether you need roof safety rail systems, construction rail systems, ground rail systems, or interior rail systems, we have them all. Moreover, our rail systems are compliant with the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) guidelines.

The key advantage of guardrail and handrail system rentals is the lower costs and increased flexibility. You can have any rail systems you want without purchasing them, and you can also have the systems delivered right to the worksite.

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Why install your rails on your own or even buy the systems when you can take advantage of our guardrail and handrail installation & rentals? Get more productive by focusing on the main job while we handle your installation and supply worries.

Contact us today to book our guardrail and handrail installation & rentals services and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity.

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