Posted: 30 Nov '17

On-Site Training Courses: Bringing the Training to the Job Site

On-Site Training Courses

Founded in 2003, MI Safety provides hands-on training courses Edmonton to those in the oil and gas, industrial, and construction sectors. All our instructors – including safety officers, fall protection system installers, rescue technicians, and more - possess teach from a position of knowledge and extensive field experience.

On-Site Training Courses in Edmonton: Available in the Field or in the Classroom

MI Safety’s combination of passionate educators and state-of-the-art training facilities allow us to combine a unique hands-on approach to classroom learning with additional practical education. Some of our courses are even available online or on-site.

Advantages of On-Site Training Courses

  • Convenient Location: The most obvious advantage to on-site training courses is location. When training is completed on company property, employees are in a familiar environment and save time and money on commuting. In addition, while MI Safety instructors have ample experience, on-site training courses allows company operations managers or other seasoned employees to share their experiences.
  • Saves Employees Time and Money: Everyone tries to have a life outside of his or her job, and on-site training ensures that employees are learning on time that they have already designated for work. This limits distractions and encourages engagement.
  • Company-Specific Tailored Programs: on-site training courses in Edmonton allow MI Safety to tailor each aspect of the training process to focus on your company’s specific goals, processes, and special considerations. This also allows management to touch on certain areas that employees may need to pay special attention to.
  • Keeps Employees Current on Company Protocols: The Oil and Gas industry is volatile and in a constant state of evolution. This means that company processes must change along with it. On-site training courses allows employees to stay up to date on their role in the company as well as stay ahead of changes in the industry.
  • Boosts Employee Morale: When your employees are encouraged to develop their skills and branch off into other areas, they develop more information on other products and services and boost their productivity. With on-site training courses, your employees appreciate when an organization invests in them, and they’re more likely and more enthusiastic to work more efficiently and with confidence.

MI Safety understands that keeping your employees current with changing regulations and company policies is difficult. In response, many of our comprehensive on-site training courses offer industry-leading instructors, hands-on classroom, and practical learning, with the added flexibility and convenience of coming to you.  For more information on On-Site Training Courses in Edmonton, contact MI Safety today!

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