Posted: 14 Jun

MI Safety Inc Project Highlights

This is an overview of some projects we have completed over the last couple of

Northern Alberta Work Camp Operator. MI Safety installed these anchors in 2012 and have inspected and maintained these anchors over the last 7 years. The system is a Energy Absorbing Horizontal Lifeline system designed to be attached to a wood frame structure. Approximately 500 anchors and 250 horizontal life lines exist on this 3500 man camp. In the annual inspection we inspect all points, replace weather components and document any deficiencies for repair.

Alberta Municipality had a fuel tank that didn't have guardrails that were in compliance with the Alberta OHS Code. MI Safety Inc, removed old rails and fabricated and installed new rails.

Commercial Building Operator needed a retrofit of an staircase access on their building to replace a ladder that was deemed unsafe for access. It was not feasible to build the staircase in a shop and lift it onto the roof, so we constructed a modular staircase that we assembled on the roof

High Rise Building Operator Downtown Edmonton, required a repair and recertification of their Davit Arm certified to the CAN/CSA ‐Z271‐10 (R2015) ‐ SAFETY CODE FOR SUSPENDED PLATFORMS.

Commercial Building Operator needed leaking pipe repaired that was situate 35’ off the ground level in the ventilations shaft of a 6 story building. The leaking pipe was dripping onto the ceiling of a laboratory. It was not feasible to enter the space from the laboratory, so we had to rappel into the space and fit the leaking pipe off of ropes. We completed this project in 6 hours, and saved the building owner several thousands of dollars using this technique. The other option would have involved setting up scaffolding and shutting the laboratory down for several days.

Gas Plant in Alberta Foothills required a repair of a damaged vertical life line cable in the middle of winter. This project was high risk as the stack had a couple hundred feet of vertical cable that we have to safely lower then replace and raise a new section up. Dropping the line would have damaged critical equipment. MI Safety safely completed this project.

A Northern Alberta Saw Mill Required a section of guardrail to add onto the existing rail we had installed several years earlier. We were able to spec and supply parts based on photos. This saved the customer money as we didn't have to travel to site, before the job to measure up the area.

Rope Rescue Training for the Water Park. MI Safety completed rope rescue training for a group of tradesmen who act as the rope rescue team for this facility during any at height work. The team works in the amusement park, water park and anywhere on the facility where at height work takes place

This water park facility required some touch up painting to a section of the roof trusses to guard against corrosion damage. The work area was located above a wave pool and bundee tower, additionally the facility had to remain in operation during the day. We were able to successfully place a tarp under the work area, remove corrosion and paint a 100’ x 100’ area of the roof structural members.

This apartment building had several types of roof styles, including flat roofs and sloped wood frame roofs. MI Safety was contracted to design, engineer and install several types of anchors for the roofs and different types of roof work. We installed horizontal lifelines and a mobile friction roof anchor

This building owner had a ladder that extended only to the roof level. It was extremely difficult to access the roof, and even more dangerous. MI Safety Inc was contracted to design, build and install a ladder cage, and a guardrail to protect access to and from this area.

This northern Alberta Camp Operator wanted to install a guardrail as per section 139 of the Alberta OHS code to protection workers accessing this work area on a regular basis. MI Safety designed and installed a guardrail system that attached to the wall as roof attachment was not an option.

This research facility wanted to protect commonly access work areas with an easily moveable guardrail system that would be able to be moved around on the building roof as projects dictated. MI Safety Inc was able to supply and coordinate the delivery to the roof of 450 lineal feet of railing.

This municipal waste facility turns garbage into compost material and ethanol. They had to install high pressure gas piping on the roof of their facility to allow connection to a material dryer system. They hired MI Safety to rent and install some standing seam roof fall arrest anchors and some guardrails. Upon completion of the project we removed the equipment from site.

This laboratory facility has a large office complex with an extensive array of hvac and roof top vents and data communication equipment on it. They needed a quick solution that didn't penetrate the roof to protect workers completing HVAC work. MI Safety Inc was able to design, and install a guardrail and control zone system to protect the common work areas.

This customer had a 400 foot concrete tower that they needed some anchor points installed for emergency access from the mid level deck. MI Safety was able to engineer the anchor system to ensure strength and compliance with the code. From there the climbed the tower and completed the work.