Posted: 30 Oct '18

Learn to Create a Rescue and Escape Plan with the Help of a Fall Protection Course

Employers have a duty to protect workers working at height by providing fall protection equipment as well as helpful safety procedures. Fortunately, many employers now have robust fall protection plans to ensure safety of workers.

However, what if, despite the protection measures, a fall still occurs? What if despite all your efforts, you still find yourself in the middle of a horrific incident? You’ll need prompt rescue, or risk losing life. That’s when a rescue and escape plan becomes vital.

If you do not have an existing plan of action, MI Safety can help with their fall protection course. This fall protection course will provide you with the information necessary to prepare you and your team for the worst.

How a Fall Protection Course Can Help Prepare You

At MI Safety, we believe that first and foremost, your fall protection plan should include these three things:

  • A Pre-assessment: This is where the team creating the rescue plan brainstorms pertinent questions such as: who will perform the rescue, what are the exposure points where rescue might be necessary, what equipment is necessary for the rescue, and how can a rescue be performed in that specific situation.
  • Rescue Procedures: Once a pre-assessment has been done, rescue procedures are created for each fall protection system. Items covered here include: types(s) of rescue systems, location of rescue anchorage and materials, attachment to workers' harness, types and number of equipment, training, and steps needed for successful rescue and escape.
  • A Post-assessment: Finally, after the unfortunate incident occurs and a rescue is completed, a post-analysis is conducted to help teams better prepare for similar situations in the future. Questions that need answering in the post-analysis stage include: what could have prevented that fall and how could that specific rescue operation be improved.

Enroll in a Fall Protection Course Today

Learn how to create a fall rescue and escape plan today. Enroll in our fall protection course to acquire skills necessary to create this all-important document to both protect your workers and avoid legal battles.

To find out more about the fall protection course and how it can help you be prepared, get in touch with us today.

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