Posted: 6 Dec '16

Simple Things Employers Can Do to Keep Their Employees Safety Training in Mind

Safety Training in Edmonton from MI Safety
The responsibilities that employers have when it comes to the safety of their employees in the various dangerous working conditions in Edmonton are huge. Despite the safety training that is mandatory and other courses the employer may have provided, fostering a culture of safety in the workplace is important to keep safety training on the mind of all Edmonton employees.

Reinforce Safety Training

A good way to keep employees apprised of OH&S regulations and safety programs is to establish committees for safety and inspection. Committees get your employees involved and are a great way for you, as the employer, to learn about unsafe practices or areas of potential hazards in your workplace. Managers should ensure the safety committee meets regularly, stays focused on their mandates and set standards for the other employees to follow.

Ensure Employees Apply their Safety Training

The oil and gas industry has manufacturing and production facilities that can be every bit as dangerous and prone to incidents as some of the jobs in the fields. If your employees work in a manufacturing or storage facility, it is important to ensure they are applying their safety training every day so they go home safely at the end of their shifts. Make sure your employees are accountable for the following:

  • Paying attention to their surroundings to identify potential hazards
  • Always wearing the appropriate PPE for the task being performed (steel toed boots, helmets, etc)
  • Encouraging their peers to be on the lookout for potential hazards and work in a safe manner
  • Reporting incidents and near misses to management so that the appropriate action can be taken
  • Always tying off when it is required, even if they don't feel they have to.

Make Safety Training Part of Your Edmonton Workplace's Culture

Making safety training part of your workplace's culture will help reinforce what your employees have learned and help them keep their training in mind while on the job. Try to keep a positive attitude about safety training and consider incentive programs for employees who keep their training in mind and encourage their peers to do the same. Even something as simple as a coffee gift card can go a long way towards recognizing the actions of your workers who are fostering a safer atmosphere and may encourage others to do the same.

The safest workplaces prepare their employees through rescue and safety training in Edmonton, which is specifically designed for the type of work being performed. Give your employees their best chance at returning home safely every day and give yourself the benefit of a safer, more productive workplace by enrolling your employees in safety training. Contact us today at MI Safety to learn more about the safety training courses we offer in Edmonton so you can have a safer workplace and employees.

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