Posted: 15 Jun

In Need of a Fall Protection Course?

Can you imagine 60,000 fatal accidents yearly on construction sites globally? According to the International labor organization, that translates to one serious crash every ten minutes. The organization also adds that in most countries, construction workers battle with constant musculoskeletal disorders such as back pains.

It is your responsibility as an employer to protect your employees from falling from heights. Are you in need of a fall protection course? The training will come in handy in;

  • Developing an effective fall protection program
  • Equipping your workers with excellent fall protection skills on use, inspection, and maintenance of safety equipment
  • Fitting a practical fall protection system

Failure of protection plans is a common occurrence since employees lack technical knowledge. The heart of this fall protection course is total prevention of risks. In cases where complete elimination is difficult, your workers will apply the following controls assisted by the supervisor.

Engineering controls: It involves implementing physical changes such as fitting guard rails to make the workplace less risky.

Administrative Controls: it is one thing to have a fall plan, and implementation is another. The course will foster adherence to policies while keeping the safety procedures up-to-date.

Personal Protective Equipment: Your employees are great determiners of how successful your fall protection systems become. The training will thus, enable them to choose the appropriate components and systems to use while undertaking a construction project.

The course also prepares workers to use not only the personal protective equipment but also the fall restraint and fall protection system in either preventing or arresting a catastrophic fall hazard. To be on the safe side, register your employees for a fall protection course which will teach them on how to combine all the above controls.

Why a Fall Protection Course?

Though cited as the leading cause of workers injuries and deaths, falls from higher heights are preventable hazards save for their complexity. The solution, however, lies in the fall protection course. Additionally, your company will reap the following benefits.

A Healthy Workforce

Your construction company will register zero to minimal injuries or deaths; hence your workers will be all time fit to continue with their duties.

Reduced Liability Claims and Insurance Premiums

A history of few injuries and reduced liability claims will have you paying less in insurance premiums. Your business will, therefore, have a larger pool of resources for scaling purpose hence increased revenue.

Bottom Line

Are you in need of a fall protection course? Equip your employees to deal with fall hazards which may occur in your workplace.

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