Posted: 15 Jun '20

Importance of Taking a Fall Protection Course

Importance of Taking a Fall Protection Course

Working from heights always carries greater risks than when you are working at ground level. A fall protection course is essential so that your employees learn how to operate at heights safely. Here are a few things that your workers will learn in a fall protection course. Contact us to learn more.

Advanced Planning 

One of the most important ways to ensure safety when working at heights is to ensure that there is a plan in place before the job is even underway. Safety consideration is apart of the advanced planning, and so is the training your workers need before they begin. Make sure they are aware that anything that could distract them when working at heights is better left on the ground, and that they have all of the equipment required to work safely and efficiently.  

Have the Proper Equipment 

A fall protection course will ensure that you and your workers are aware of the equipment required to work at heights. Your employees will also learn how to inspect their equipment before using it. You want to make sure that all your equipment is in the best shape possible to get the job done safely. Your workers also need to learn how to place equipment properly to ensure the greatest safety. Ladders should be secure and placed where no one will trip over it.  

Rescue Plans 

No one should work at heights without first having a tried and true rescue plan in place. A fall protection course will make sure that your employees know how to make a rescue plan and execute it properly. A plan should not only be laid out, but it should also be practiced so that everyone knows their role and performs it flawlessly. Practicing the rescue plans is just as vital as the plan itself.  


Register for Training 

Having the right training will help your employees to know what risks to look out for before they even begin working high up. It’s not only a good idea, but a moral and legal obligation to make sure your employees are certified before working at heights. Call us today to register your employees in a fall protection course.

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