Posted: 16 Oct '14

How Is Worker Safety Enhanced With the H2S Alive Course? Edmonton’s MI Safety Describes the Importance of Hands-On Training

Are you currently a worker or soon to be a worker who is going to be around Hydrogen Sulfide (or H2S) gases? At MI Safety, we offer all kinds of safety certification courses, including the H2S Alive for anyone who works around H2S including anyone in the oil and gas industry, anyone who is manufacturing chemicals, utility workers, farming operations, pulp and paper, and heavy water.

The H2S Alive course at MI Safety discusses the properties, hazards, protective equipment, measuring equipment, and emergency response guidelines for workers and rescuers.

In the last decade, H2S detection for worker protection has been simplified. For one, access to reliable gas detection monitors has never been cheaper and more available than it is today. However, despite the superior advancements of technology and, as a result, the awareness of a need for gas detection, it is now commonplace for many workplaces to have personal gas detectors on employees at all times. These alarms will go off when sensing even the smallest amount of H2S, warning workers of the hazards. Although overall worker protection is greatly enhanced by these precautions, accidents may still happen every once in a while.

If you are currently working in an industry in which Hydrogen Sulfide is a threat, it may be worthwhile to consider taking H2S Alive. Edmonton’s MI Safety currently offers this and other courses by using a combination of textbook education and hands-on training. 

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