Posted: 1 Nov '20

How a Fall Protection Course Can Benefit You in the Workplace

How a Fall Protection Course Can Benefit You in the Workplace

Falling is one of the most powerless feelings on earth. It can be devastating when the platform you trusted falls out beneath you, and you go plummeting to the ground. To avoid that happening, you and your employees can benefit from a fall protection course to ensure that you are safe and secure when working at heights. Call us today for registration information. 

Many industries, including construction and oil and gas, have a high risk of falling from heights because of the nature of the job. Falls are dangerous, and they can lead to costly injuries and even death. Therefore, you should ensure any employee working from heights should take a fall protection course.  

Why is Fall Safety Essential? 

Falls are, unfortunately, one of the most common workplace injuries reported annually. There are a lot of obvious reasons why learning about fall safety is essential. However, since fall incidents can happen at any time when at heights, you should be aware of why you should practice proper fall safety.  

Fall protection courses are essential for those who are: 

  • Working on unprotected edges 
  • Have slippery, potentially unstable and slippery cluttered walking spaces 
  • There are holes in the floor 
  • Wall openings that lead to the ground 
  • Unsafe ladders and positions 

The Responsibility of the Employer 

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility that ensures your workers are practicing safety procedures when working at heights. This starts with making sure all employees who may work at heights has taken a fall protection course.  

Some extensive guidelines help you determine what your responsibilities as an employer entail. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are familiar with these guidelines for your own protection, and for the protection of your employees.  

How a Fall Protection Benefits your Workplace 

There are many reasons why you should make your employees take a fall protection course. Many of those reasons are personal, and others are for bettering your workplace. The reasons that a fall protection course benefits your workplace are as follows: 

  • They teach your employees how to work at heights safely. 
  • Your employees will learn how to asses a worksite for dangers and know how to take action to prevent those dangers. 
  • Someone will know how to plan a rescue and know how to execute it should the need arise.  
  • Your employees will know how to handle a variety of at-risk procedures that include more than working at heights but include various situations.  

Register Today 

Fall protection courses have several names among various industries (such as fall arrest, hazard, harness and fall protection), but they usually all refer to the same CSSTA Fall Protection course. Make sure your employees and your business are safe! Contact us to request group bookings for On-Site CSSTA Fall Protection Training Course in Edmonton & surrounding areas. 

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